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  1. best  new marvel book

  2. Aaron is killing this book…love it.

  3. agreed with RMC

  4. Last issue was so good. Best action movie I’ve ever … read =D

  5. I haven’t  dug this as much as most people but the last issue was Aaron at his best.  I hope this issue is a good.

  6. I’ve really like Aaron’s writing for this, but at a $3.99 price with no extras of more pages, I  can’t justify buying single issues anymore with this. I’ll probably start picking this up in trades after this issue.

  7. @Sai- me too! I’m trying to be more strict with my one-man boycott of $3.99 books. I’ll only buy the DC ones with extra content. All the others will have to be trade waits. This one will be the hardest to not read in issues, though. I’m REALLY into it. Like I mean, I almost get a boner when I read it & want to kiss the pages.

  8. I love Garney’s pencils in this, but the style in this reminded me of the 90’s for some reason. Anyone else get that vibe, or is it just me?

  9. Aaron writes a great Logan. This is a consistently good comic. Looking forward to the next arc a lot.

  10. What is this Yannick Paquette like that’s taking over the next arc?

  11. @sunnyvale Paquette did some of the cover art numbering in the 80’s for ultimate x-men.

  12. Seems like to me this story line has been taking forever! Love Aaron love Garney just seems like it ran one too many issues.

  13. I wonder how the next issue will tie in with this one.

  14. Wolverine is afraid of water. neat.

  15. @theegreatone … i wish they’d explored a bit more of this at the end … felt a tad rushed … garney was great as usual.

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