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  1. its about time we see what happens because i can tell many wolverine fans want to see wolverine take care of romulus

  2. So Daken can become the new Romulus!

  3. Buddy told me about this. (I used to follow when dillon was on it). My predictions: issue 50 , romulous is back, issue 60 he gets killed. Way is gonna milk this once good book. Story has gone nowhere for like 20 issues.

  4. In Wolverine: The End, his brother states that they had met several times over the years.   Ie followed every good and "important" storyline.  Romulus is his brother. This book blows.  I dropped it at issue 3 and it is still going nowhere.  Are they doing anything with the whole "Wolvie has his memories back" yet??  Bueller??  Bueller??  I thought not.

  5. The End sucked major ass, one of the worst Wolverine story and its not even in continuity!

    Its not his Brother, its his Dad and Daken’s is going to kill him. I love Way’s slow pace beats and his Wolverine construction. I know his style is not for everyone but the series is just starting and new players are coming in for a new direction. If you don’t read it don’t dis it.   

  6. I was glad to see his claws were fake and not another clawed villain.

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