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  1. All the issues are here in front of me. I will not bitch about lateness in my review because it’s all here with me. Let’s see how this story reads when it’s all together.

  2. You already bought the whole series, why would you pay for this again?

    I loved it, it was the best comic of the year, but I’m not buying a 2nd copy.

  3. @Kickass: I’m not buying the actual trade; I’m reviewing the story as a whole. This is the place best to do it.

  4. Great story especially until the last giant issue, but still solid.  Id love to own the entire collection but wont shell out the $35. sorry Marvel I’ll wait for the trade 

  5. I hope this is oversized. This will be my first time buying/reading this.

  6. I like the way he says that like we were all waiting for this

  7. @TNC: My advice is not to psych yourself out and overthink things. OML is a very shallow (but very entertaining) story, nothing more. It pretends to mean a lot more than it does, and make more sense than it does, but its randomness is just creative and "different" enough to get a pass from me. It’s enjoyable enough, but I feel bad for people who love it beyond reason and think it’s really deep. Actually, my advice is for you not to review it again. Seriously, you’ve stressed youself out enough over this story, man. You’ve put more thought into it than Millar did. It’s a well put-together production, though.

  8. @TNC I agree with flapjaxx. Why review it again? You’ve just calmed down from the last issue, why put yourself through all this again?

  9. I’m gonna wait for the trade. Can’t spare the $35.

  10. @flapjaxx/JohnV: I just want to review as a whole; I’ve always reviewed stuff this way.

  11. "You’ve put more thought into it than Millar did."


    I bought this in issue and now have bought the hardcover. It isn’t deep. It is a fun story set in an interesting world. My biggest problem with the book is the Giant Size issue.

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