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  1. I don’t normally read X books, but I think I’ll pick this up for some old school Wolverine and Kitty Pride.

  2. This could be fun!  The X-men: First Class series is terrific, and hopefully this will be in the same vein.

  3. any idea who’s the writer/artist?

  4. Written by FRED VAN LENTE Penciled by ANDREA DI VITO Cover by SALVADOR ESPIN

     Di Vito is excellent. He did a fab job with the first Annihilation series. And he almost tempted me into buying the Hulk/X-Men WWH series.

  5. i’m loving x-men first class so i’m hoping this is similar.  i think it could be a lot of fun.

  6. If this is half as good as X-Men First Class (best X book going right now) I will love it.

  7. @patio: WORD! Annihilation was amazing!!!

  8. I couldnt get into this book at all.  The art was ok.  Story not so good.  I dont need another wolverine book, especially one billed as a wolverine book that really isnt one.  kitty pryde is a great character and all but, but I definately did not need to read that story.  And that is not something I saw very often, especially with an X-men book.

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