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As soon as I heard that Wolverine would get his own First Class book I immediately grew anxious as I didn’t see how Wolverine could possibly star in his own “kid” book.  Issue number one erases all that anxiousness and replaces it with the hope that Van Lente, the writer, can continuing bringing the goods. 

Van Lente is obviously a skilled writer and his dialogue really shines through, but the story is just a throwaway that only serves as a vehicle for Kitty and Wolverine to interact.  This is absolutely OK with me as even after just one issue I find myself completely enamored with the idea of Kitty and Wolverine as a dynamic duo.  Much like X-Men First Class, Wolverine First Class is sure to focus on relationships more than stories and this is fine as long as Van Lente can keep up the standard he has set for himself with issue number one.   

The art, eh, passable.  Di Vito does have a certain skill in showing emotion, but overall the art is just there.  Nothing striking or bad, it just sits on the page and does what its supposed to do.  This is a little disappointing if you compare this book with X-Men First Class where the art is so fantastic.  Di Vito will hopefully grow into this book.

Overall, I loved this first issue, even with just average art.  Van Lente’s ability to capture the main characters personalities is on par with the best writers in the business and since I’m a story guy this will sustain the book for me. 

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 2 - Average


  1. I liked the art and story more than you did, but I definitely agree with the overall assessment.

    Unfortunately, the last couple issues of XMFC have had fill-in artists (despite the cool Romita cover for this month; the cover art on that book is always fantastic).  I’m hoping we get Roger Cruz or someone equally awesome back soon. 

  2. I’m a sucker for banter.  I love this kind of team up.  It’s really fun and doesn’t take it self really seriously which is my problem with so many X-Men books these days.  The art definitely isn’t up to snuff with a lot of the art we’ve been seeing in XMFC but I hope it gets better in the future.

  3. I loved this book… my only issue with it was that he never said "bub" I don’t think (not really a huge deal, I just like seeing "bub" ACTUALLY written down somewhere)

  4. While the art isn’t fantastic, I truly loved the story.  I haven’t bought a book with Wolverine or X-Men in a long while, but this book likened back to the old limited series Kitty Pryde and Wolverine from back in the day,  that book was the first time we saw the soft side to Logan.  Although this particular book doesn’t have everything, it does liken back to those days.  I think we gotten so serious with our Super Hero books lately, we’ve missed what made us love them in the first place.  This book is great for all ages, girls and boys.

  5. @JKExar–I agree that this might be a book that kids will actually read.

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