With the Hellfire Club on the verge of overwhelming the X-Men, the team’s only hope is…Quenton Quire?! The big question is, does he care enough to do anything?

Wrap up the first adventure of Wolverine’s branch of the X-tree with Marvel Architect and writer of X-MEN: SCHISM Jason Aaron, and superstar artist Chris Bachalo!

Story by Jason Aaron
Art by Chris Bachalo & Tim Townsend
Cover by Chris Bachalo & Tim Townsend

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  1. This has been fun so far, be interesting to see how long they can sustain this vibe going forward. Also the main reason I’m reading this is because of Brian Wood’s upcoming mini series, so excited for that!

  2. As a long-time X-fan who has been disappointed in every X-series since Whedon’s Astonishing (notable exception David’s X-Factor) I’m hoping this is the one that sticks. I really wanted to like X-Force but I just couldn’t get into Deadpool and Fantomex. Annoying since everyone else seems to really like it, but I enjoyed the first two issues of this one and fingers crossed it can keep the momentum and make the cut when I do my final pull list downsizing at the end of this year.

  3. Great book. I also love Quenton Quire. Who doesn’t remember being a pretentious awkward teen with no idea what they’re talking about in High School?

  4. Someone tell me when Bachalo is done ruining this book. I love the story but the art is just terrible. Not for me anyways.

    • Doesn’t it kind of match the tone though?

    • I agree. I think the art is perfect. But I usually love his art regardless of book. Different from the ‘normal’ superhero art.

    • I agree with cutty as far as the art matching the tone for the book as i am not the biggest Bachalo fan neither but here it works for whatever reason.
      With that being said though last issue was a huge drop off from the art in the first, sometimes it was hard to figure out what was going on in the panels with alot of action so i hope it does get better and not worse

    • I’m liking Bachalo’s art on this book. Still I’m under the impression he could do better.

  5. Ooo, three issue arcs? More reasons to love Jason Aaron.

  6. Worst art ever!!!!!!

  7. I’ve really been into the first two issues and i’ve loved the art so far. Such a welcome departure from what we would expect to see in a mainstream title. I hope Marvel has more of this kind of editorial courage going forward.

  8. Is this really the end of the first arc? 3 issues? Too bad……………

    BTW. The art on this series has been setting a perfect tone. To each their own in terms of artists. I hate Alex Ross’ art. I understand why people love it, and it is beautiful, but just not something I like.

    • You’re not a fan of the 3 issue arc?

      I haven’t made it to the shop yet, so I haven’t read this, but I love the concept of shorter main arcs mixed with some longer running subplots.

      Since I got back into single issues, I generally appreciate getting more than two complete stories a year from a book, particularly when it’s a superhero title.

    • I certainly prefer 6 issue arcs. I can certainly appreciate 3 issue stories, along as they are part of a larger picture storyline. The 3 issue begining maybe be the perfect way to introduce us to the new school. Maybe I’m falling into the Fanboy routine of complaining before I actually make an informed decision. So far the story line has been great , and I’m sure what will follow will be equally as good. When is Bachalo leaving. I heard they have announced a new artist.

    • I love that this was a 3 issue arc. 6 issue arcs are great as well. But not every story has to be the same length. After a while, it gets kinda old. This was a breath of fresh air. Not everything has to strive to be epic and grandiose.

  9. This is the first issue of this series that I loved. QQ looks like he’s going to be an excellent character in Aaron’s hands.

  10. I rarely laugh out loud reading a comic and this issue got me several times. It was genuinely funny. The entire scene where they didn’t know who Quintin Quire was was gold. Aaron did a great job of setting the tone for the series in these first three issues.

    Also, Duncan Rouleau is great. Where has he been all this time?

  11. LOL, Krakoa joined the team. That is some crazy stuff right there.

  12. I loved the twist of how Wolverine got Kade Kilgore back for screwing with him so much this whole time. I broke down laughing from how great that moment was. I fucking love this series

  13. Most fun I’ve had this week. Best thing to come from the Regenesis.

  14. gonna be a tough week for me picking potw. the reverse psycology on Q was so much fun. The perfect mix of humor and seriousness. And then adding krak to the teem.. genius.

  15. Well was bored yesterday and had read all of my comics for the week already so I went back to the store and picked this up. I know I said I was done with this title but I figured I could follow it very easily and I would not have to many questions and see if it improved with this issue?. It was better than I thought however, not enough to keep me picking it up but enough to become a back up if I get bored or something maybe, maybe I will check in on Wolvie and the class?

  16. Sorry if this has been answered on a prevoius post, or if it shows my ignorance… but why are there a million little nightcrawlers running around? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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