• Avx Tie-In!

• Wolverine, Torn Between Two Teams!

• Will The Jean Grey School Follow Its Leader?

Story by Jason Aaron
Art by Chris Bachalo
Cover by Chris Bachalo & Alex Maleev

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 4.4
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  1. In Aaron we Trust!

    He won’t let an event drag this book down!

    • Well, since he co-wrote the event, I really don’t think we’ll see any drop in quality.

    • I really Didn’t like Aaron’s work on AvX #2 this week (first time he’s disappointed me), but this issue of Wolverine and the X-Men was great! After being introduced to him through Scalped, I was initially surprised at how good Aaron is at writing a lighthearted team-book. I’ve enjoyed every issue of this book.

  2. not interested in the A vs. X event, so I know I should probably just skip this, but I know I will buy it and then be mad at Marvel for all thier lame cross-over events that they are constantly trying to ram down our throats.

    • The above comment should be saved as the prototype Internet Comic Book Fan Comment.

      Instant classic.

    • No, that has LITERALLY happened to me. I tried to not buy the New Avengers issue that came out last week, and a guy from Marvel grabbed me, shoved the issue into my mouth, and rammed it down with a miniature version of the thing people use to ram cannons.

    • @comicBOOKchris: ….a ramrod? Sounds like you’ve got a solid Assault charge in your back pocket.

  3. Boo-urns more bachalo art. Thats right Edward, i stole your boo-urs. dealwithit 😉

    All i want is for Broo to kick some ass every issue.

  4. Is there a preview of this issue anywhere?

  5. Still piling up mutant books for maybe a summertime marathon.

    This should be good, though. Looking forward to the “team-written” event to see how it plays out.

  6. How the school factors into this is one of my interests in the event, this should be good.

  7. I think the kids are gonna side with the Avengers. Why? Because in appears that Avengers Academy is sideing with the X-Men. Pure drama. I hope we get to see just them duke it out.

  8. I believe Wolvie will have the majority of his school side with him and try to have the children not involved at all if he could. As far as the staff goes I think they all know that Cykes is out of his f#cking mind and his group of X-Men seem like a bunch of evil rogues. Here we go…


  9. I just don’t dig Bachalo’s art as much as I use to. I think it looks like a mess.

  10. Awesome issue! Aaron does a great job raising the drama without losing the fun tone this book has become known for. And Bachalo seemed to rein in his more adventurous layouts in this issue, making for a more coherent read. I generally like his work, but I had a tough time following a few pages last issue. Maybe he’s taken some of the criticisms to heart.

  11. Not even reading AVX but I loved this issue. This is the best team comic on the market today.

  12. What I loved about this issue is that it gave the scenes in AvX in which Logan fights the X-Men more context. It made another book better.

    Also, it was amazing itself.

  13. Chris Bachalo’s art is dragging this book down. The writing is A+. I can’t wait for Nick Bradshaw to be back on art duties

  14. Just wanted to add in case anyone at Marvel is lurking here — whoever writes the Twitter feeds for all the WATXM students is doing a TERRIFIC job! Very entertaining, and I feel like they’ve really got a handle on Rockslide’s voice.

  15. He’ll side with the avengers and half way through switch sides. That always happens.

  16. This issue helped turn the corner on Bachalo for me. I felt the colouring and the decreased “clutter” in the panels helped separate the characters from the backgrounds more effectively and it was not at all hard to follow, which was my main complaint about previous issues. I also felt that it delivered in explaining Wolverine’s rationale for siding with the Avengers of the X-Men; a point that’s been unfortunately glossed over in the main series, thus making him seem very disloyal and out of character. And I love that Aaron’s finally drawn a link between the Phoenix and Rachel. Hope to see her play a bigger role in all of this because it would almost seem like a big oversight if she didn’t.

  17. I have a feeling now that maybe Hope is not the main target and with that being said both sides of the AVX will look like fools equally?! Something from this issue really had me thingking of all of the telepaths and just why exactly would it really pick Hope when if she is as powerful as they say she is or appears to be then maybe the Phoenix will not chose her because what of she can contain it better then Jean?? Perhaps it is looking for someone with some great power yet a little easier to take control of? I don’t know what if it effects everyone at the end of the AVX series and creates like Cykes thinks a whole new group of mutants?? Or what if it posses The Apokolips kid?? That would be one hellacious situation!! So many thoughts running through my head I just can see about another thousand or more options and plots. I thought this issue was a very important peice towards the AVX series and it’s emotional feel and the artwork has been just fine by me although, I will admit it seems a little crowded in certain panels and makes it a little confusing on what is happening?!


  18. I thought this was quite fun. If it was 2.99 it would be on my pull list. But it is not and it is not.

  19. At least issue #9 had some depth and elaborated on why Wolverine chose to side with the Avengers. I was glad it wasn’t just some pointless tie-in (see Avengers #25). I like Warbird, but she has the “disposable character” tag all over her, just like Deathcry and Lifeguard.

    Please check my mini-review of this issue here:


    Comments and feedback are always welcome!

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