• A pregnant Kitty Pryde, Broo the Broodling, and an army of BAMFS Vs. a new, Alien Foe!

• Beast, Iceman, & Rachel Grey shrink down inside their friend to deal with her condition!

• Meanwhile, Wolverine deals with a problem you never thought he’d face.

Story by Jason Aaron
Art by Nick Bradshaw
Cover by Nick Bradshaw

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 1.4%


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Avg Rating: 4.6
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  1. running out of good things to say about this book…

    • Agreed, so let’s say that if you’re loving Wolverine and The X-Men, you really ought to give X-Men Legacy a try.

      Christos Gage is doing a great job complementing Aaron’s fun tone and David Baldeon’s art is in the same general family as Bradshaw/Bachalo.

      And it’s a $2.99 book!

    • maybe I will, I didn’t know legacy was written by Gage, I only picked up like 2 issues when yost/carey were on it and i didn’t like it

    • Yeah, there’s a whole new status quo since Gage started. Legacy now focuses on Rogue, Gambit, Frenzy, Rachel and the other adults at the Jean Grey School that aren’t Wolverine, Beast, Kitty and Iceman.

    • if you like wolverine and the x-men stay away from those other titles because it’ll taint the goodness

    • Is Legacy that good?
      i love the school.
      is there more insight into Rogue, Gambit, & Rachael’s classes? or is it just them being completely separate from the school?

    • Let’s be clear that I’m not saying that Legacy is as good as Wolverine and The X-Men. Because it’s not as good, but serves as a nice complement – the French fries to W&TXM’s cheeseburger. If you love W&TXM, but aren’t usually an X-Fan, legacy might not be your thing. But if you are, or have been, a big fan of Marvel’s mutant books, and you aren’t reading Legacy, I think you’re kind of missing out.

      Christos Gage isn’t doing “action-adventure romp” like Aaron, but what he is doing is pretty fun in its own right, and does help complete the picture of everything happening in Westchester.

      Wolverine and The X-Men gives me the same feeling I got when I first discovered the X-Men back in 1991, and while your mileage may vary, Legacy has been doing a very nice job keeping that feeling going just a bit longer each month.

      @thehangman: this run opened (in 260.1) with a faculty/student football game, and the current arc (261-263) started during Rogue and Rachel’s “Zero Gravity 101″class, so it’s been pretty school oriented so far.

  2. WATXM is the best book out right now. There I said it. I was going to say it is tied with Scott Synders Batman but sometimes in life you have to make I line in the sand.

  3. So much fun

  4. This book makes me smile more than other book on the stands right now.

  5. I will cry a river of tears if Broo is the “X-Man that must die”.

  6. This book is more fun than anything else out there. I’m gonna be sad if AvX screws this up.

  7. Yeah, this is the best book out there. (Make a qualification and say it’s the best “mainstream” book, if you’d like.) It took the crown from Uncanny X-Force, in my mind. I can see where some would say Snyder’s Batman is close, but there’s just so much more fun and originality in W&TXM. This is a really special comic and there’s nothing else out there like it–can’t really say the same for X-Force or Batman, much as I do like them. It’s totally revived my interest in the X-Men in much the same way that Whedon’s Astonishing X-Men and Morrison’s New X-Men did. It’s on the shortlist of post-Claremont/Lee X-comics that matter.

  8. I loved the last issue. That issue really made me realize how great this series really is. Before, I thought that it was pretty good, but after last issue, it’s up there with the books that I’m most excited to read. Can’t wait till Wednesday for this.

  9. I really like this book, but I’m really hopping SAGA wins the most pulls this week.

  10. Oh and last issue were Kitty shot the Brood was one of the coolest comic moments ever! Nuff said.

  11. So is Chris Bachalo just done with this book or what?

    Why do they even announce art teams?

    Just let it be a surprise once you open the issue.

  12. This is the only X-title I am reading right now and it just keeps getting better and better with each issue. Poor Kitty, it really looks bad for her and well if there ever was an X-Men that probably has worn out it’s time it would have to be her. Good bye Kitty!!


  13. Lookin’ forward to this. Also looking forward to Bachalo returning. Bradshaw’s a good artist, but Bachalo had such a defining impact with those first couple of issues, that I don’t want anyone else on this title for a while. I realize they’re rotating, but I can live with that. Like I said, Bradshaw’s a competant artist, I just don’t think his childlike faces and expressions fit on characters like Wolverine and Iceman.

  14. Is it weird that I find pregnant Kitty really adorable?

    • Yes. Haha.

      What’s even weirder is that she looks like a pregnant 12 year old instead of a woman in her late 20’s. I just ruined it for you, didn’t I?

  15. I’ve been buying this, but I only read the first issue.

    I’ll get to it when I get to the rest of the mutant pile…

  16. oh soooooo very good. The one-liners continue to be hilarious. I seriously laughed out loud for the last page.

  17. Ever read a book that so good that you wish it came out on a different week so that it could be your POTW?

    Damn Saga. Keepin’ the mutants down.

  18. Such a fun issue. I realized, as much as i don’t dig on Bradshaw’s baby faces, i love his creature/alien work. Broo looks great as well as all of the casino aliens. Lot of great moments here. loved the mystery of the “thing”.

  19. This was a cute little comicbook, and I am almost sure a good percentage of us were thinking the same thing. Is it due to the artwork? I think that maybe a contributing factor however; even the story line was kinda cute too. The violence at the casino seemed cutesie and Wolvie seemed like Wolvie not Wolverine. I will admit it really did not upset me and I really was just enjoying reading it and as I went along thru the issue I kept thinking this is so cute???? All in all I did like it, but not what I imaged from a Wolverine and the X-Men type comic, right? Even the Kitty Pryde/Brood thing got really wierd when the villian scientist…..(also odd).. sat down with broo and they discussed things and diamonds growing from trees?? I just don’t get it…I liked the issue well enough, just so wierd and cute.. Maybe I am alone, anyone else? oh and I gave it a 3.5 rating and I am really confussed on just the whole cute thing??


  20. I can honestly say that Broo is probably my favorite new character…..
    I can’t wait to see how he develops thru the years.

    Would have been my pick of the week but ya.. saga.

  21. The true Mutant Menace is their plan to destroy the economy by flooding the market with their counterfeit diamonds.

    • @RobotZombie: Better watch your step, I imagine Krakoa worked pretty hard on those diamonds and wouldn’t appreciate you questioning their authenticity.

      It would be nice if selling diamonds to finance the school comes back to haunt the team later on down the line. I can’t believe that it’s easy to enter the diamond trade (legal or otherwise) without people getting interested in discovering your source.

    • If selling those diamonds somehow turns into a Marvel version of the movie Snatch then I will love Jason Aaron until the end of my days.

  22. This title is so good. I hope Aaron writes this for a long time. I always enjoy reading my comics but I rarely have this much fun.

  23. I just want to hug Broo and protect him from the world. Am I the only one?

  24. The reason I love this book is because it reminds of what the X-Men were when I was a kid. It’s a great story. I love the school and the art in this issue is MUCH better than the first issues. It’s just a fun ride each week. It does have a little more humor than I would like, and I think the characterizations of some could be better (and Kid Gladiator should go) but it’s still a top book.

  25. I was genuinely emotionally when Beast hugged Broo after his freak out. This book is fantastic

  26. Bradshaw is amazing on this title… as much as I dig Bachalo’s style Bradshaw has really mad this title for me, hopefully he will be back in rotation soon.

  27. This is not a kids book. It has a different tone, more lighthearted respect to the other X-books, but it isn’t a book only for minors.

  28. Another great issue. I don’t see how this could possibly be considered a kid’s book. All ages, maybe, but even then I think it skews more towards a teenage to adult audience. The default tone for superhero comics for a while now has been rather self-serious so I guess a comic like this just stands out more.

  29. There is nothing about this book I do not like.

  30. I had a case of Love At First Issue with this new series, but I’m starting to feel the honeymoon phase wear off. Not that I think it’s turning into a rotten series, but I’m starting to lose the irreverent tone of the first couple of issues. The weird fun is still there, and the cluttery, kitchen-sink artwork fits the stories like a glove, but where I felt like this series was at first trying to be a hybrid of glory-days Uncanny X-Men and the TV show “Community”, now I feel like it’s getting a bit mired in conventional comic book biff-bam-pow. It’s still better biff-bam-pow that most comics are serving, but I hope it keeps its quirk in the long run. The zany irreverence of this series is the best thing to happen to the X-Men in years.

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