• Jason Aaron and Eisner-Award winning best artist Ramón Pérez continue the arc that readers will remember for years to come.

• Dog Logan is back and Wolverine is in for a world of hurt.

• The students are on their own in the Savage Land with no supervision. Uh-oh.

Story by Jason Aaron
Art by Ramon Perez
Cover by Ramon Perez

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Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. So far, this arc feels a lot more entertaining than the circus arc. I look forward to seeing how this plays out.

  2. i can no longer support this book… the circus thing was horrible and this isnt grabbing me either.

    Bendis is making all the other X writers look bad

  3. This was fun. Though I’m a little confused about why they skipped the end of Origin during the flashbacks. If I remember correctly, last we saw of Dog he was stabbed through the chest with a pitchfork.

    Anyway, he’s obviously got a few tricks up his sleeve. The next issue should be interesting. I sympathize with those who seem to feel that the book has lost it’s way, but honestly I’m just glad to be done with that circus story. I am looking forward to getting back to the school though.

  4. This issue was just kind of meh for me.

  5. This whole series has been kinda meh lately. I miss the interactions between Quire and Broo and the jokes and all the other insanity of the school. Maybe time for a new writer?

    • Jason Aaron IS those interactions between Quire and Broo that you loved so much. If you’re not liking the current arc that’s fine, maybe come back for the next one. But this is Aaron’s book, it wouldn’t be right with anyone else writing it.

  6. Oof. I did not like this. I mean the writing with the Dog flashbacks was fine and all, but this is not what ‘Wolverine & the X-Men’ has been since its beginning. I know it has “Wolverine” in the title, but up until now, this has never felt like a Wolverine book to me. If I wanted that, I would’ve bought Wolverine or Savage Wolverine. I’m looking for a cool team book and this was not it. I really wish Aaron would just finally get to the Hellfire Club stuff they’ve been building to since the first arc. I expect that to be a great payoff, but all this stuff in between has been mediocre at best.

  7. The circus arc was a drag to read through, but lately this has been really good, missed the students this issue but it was worth it.

  8. Guess. I’m alone in really enjoying this. Big fan of Perez and really enjoyed his flashback artwork. Also liked the time diamonds making a reappearance from his Spider-man Wolverine story.

    I’m sure the kids will return next issue and we will get those stories that you guys are missing. It’s nice to have a change in stories so they don’t get old and makes it all better when they come back.

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