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Story by Jason Aaron
Art by Ramon Perez
Cover by Ramon Perez

Size: 0 pages
Price: 3.99

The only thing that makes X-Men stories suck more than going to the Savage Land? Anything referencing Wolverine: Origin. Hey it’s a two-fer! After the stone-cold masterclass of Tale of Sand pretty disappointed in the Perez art which seems kind of below par.

Obviously not a passion project for the guy but it just seemed kind of bland.

Also a call back to Wolverine/Spider-Man in many ways the precursor to this series. What is with Aaron and violent mountain men? This is like the 5th time in his Wolverine run Logan has got a beat down from them. Weird. NEVER SAY HøW£@†† again Marvel! You obliterated the mystery!!

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 3 - Good


  1. Ya big mistake revealing the origin and killing the mystery. I have never liked wolverine as much as i did before laughing through Wolvie origin. Howlet ? that was his name? Like in howling.. you mean… he just happens to be born into a family with a ridiculous made up last name that is similar to what dogs do and he ends up being called wolverine later on and being all feral and berserk and animalistic. Not subtle at all. Goofy. If it was the 60’s or the 40’s id get it but.. this recent. Horrible. Its still horrible. Howlet … makes me want to vomit. He should have just had a name like smith or johnson. That would have taken half the suck out of origin.

  2. Wolverine Origin was awesome. Its a worthy beginning to the tragic epic of Wolverine, cemented by Aaron, and ending in Old Man Logan. Weapon X (by Barry Windsor Smith) was an amazing visual origin, but the text is torture to read though (hmm….maybe that’s the point?). At least Origin is solid and well thought-out. When was the last time you read a book with three authors, and it wasn’t trash?

  3. I have loved this book from the beginning, but the past several months have just not been the same. Not really a fan of the Perez art either. This has went from being my favorite X-title to number three being Uncanny and All New X-Men.

  4. I didn’t pick this up even though I’ve been a pretty faithful WATM reader. After reading Uncanny X-Men 3 though, I thought of grabbing this since maybe they appear at the school while Wolverine’s gone and I was looking for a tidy tie-in? But none of the reviews seem to mention this

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