• Wolverine vs. Frankenstein!

• The Murder Circus claims its victims!

Story by Jason Aaron
Art by Nick Bradshaw
Cover by Nick Bradshaw

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. Read the first Murder Circus issue and was not into it. I’ll hop back on next month.

  2. Yeah, I’m not too thrilled with this arc. It’s alright, but not as good as the earlier stuff.

  3. Echoing that. Not been into this arc at all, hopefully Aaron will be back to form afterwards.

  4. Wow, 3 negative comments. Not a good start.

    This is the one 3.99 Marvel book I wish was 2.99. I would actually buy it, I enjoyed the 2 issues I’ve read. But not for 3.99 to the biggest comic company in the land and especially not when they are double shipping it.

    I may check out the trades – but Marvel’s prices on trades seem to be jacked up and crappy, too.

  5. I like the silliness of the idea, but I think it’s a three issue concept, not a six issue. It’s not enough to make me even consider dropping this book, though. I’m in for the long haul with this one. It’s one of my favorites.

  6. I dropped this book.I’m not feeling this story.I’m waiting to pick up the next arc.

  7. Glad to see this arc wrap up. There’s a difference between “funny” and “goofy”, and there’s just way too much goofiness going on here for my taste.

  8. Haven’t been loving this book as much as when it first started. Hopefully it will be better after this arc.

  9. I didn’t enjoy this arc but this issue was much better. The next arc looks very promising. Plus it was great to see Doop back.

    • Agreed. I was never in danger of dropping this book, but this arc felt a little undercooked (maybe Jason Aaron had to slot it in early or stretch it out to fit in with something later?). However, they got it together in the end and set up some fun threads for later. My eyebrows definitely perked up when I saw that “BAMF” sound effect.

  10. Doop Knuckles

  11. I echo many of the previous sentiments. I just “made it through” this arc. There were little bits of goodness, but overall skippable.

  12. Glad this is over, but it was still fun. Aaron’s been mentioning the date night issue for a while, so that should be interesting.

    Are we getting an artist swap next issue?

    • Solicitation says David Lopez is drawing the next issue (I believe I liked his work on Abnett and Lanning’s New Mutants last year). Then iFanboy’s Best Artists of 2012 Ramón Perez comes onboard for a run with issue 25!

    • Good. I’m done with Bradshaw. He’s a good artist. Just not for me. He draws great kids, not great superheroes.

  13. Great finale to a lackluster arc. Doop stole the show (as usual)

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