• Gladiator & the Shi’Ar Death Commandos take on the Phoenix!

• The secret history of Warbird!

Story by Jason Aaron
Art by Nick Bradshaw, Walden Wong, & Cam Smith
Colors by Guru-eFX
Letters by Chris Eliopoulos
Cover by Nick Bradshaw & Justin Ponsor

Price: $3.99
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  1. i’m worried, i don’t see anyone actually from the Jean Grey School on the cover…

  2. Can’t be bothered to buy this anymore.

  3. I’ve always like the Shi’ar Imperial Guard and everything that DnA did with the cosmic books, so I don’t mind seeing Gladiator here. It’s nice that Aaron refers to the X-Men’s long-standing relationship with the X-Men.

  4. Bradshaw!!!

  5. I really hope this book survives “Marvel NOW!”. I will be crushed if it doesn’t.

    • In one of the Q&A’s someone asked Marvel what would happen to this book and Daredevil. They said the world will be changed so much that it will effect this book some how. The implication I got from it was that either the book would be canceled or the school would have a different purpose. As long as they keep Aaron on an X-Men book I’ll be ok.

    • Ya marvel is really bending themselves over with this marvel now crap. IMHO anyways. Messing with books that never should be messed with. The amazing spider-man doesnt need a new #1 WATXM and daredevil don’t need to be cancelled. The house of ideas is becoming the house of bad ideas.

    • Daredevil won’t be canceled, the question was about the two but the answer was about Wolv. & the X-Men. I think they’re even keeping Waid on Daredevil.

    • Yeah, why reboot two books that are doing really well and fans are loving? They’ve gradually been rebooting they’re whole line-up over the past year or two but just haven’t been making a big deal out of it but this “new beginning” is a direct result of AvsX and they’re will be some major changes while some things remain pretty much the same. I think its gonna be good just think the marketing title is lame and pointless.

    • I would hope they’d leave one of the best books on the market alone, if Waid wants to stay.

      As for W&tXM, this book’s days have always been numbered. If it makes it two full years, I’ll be surprised.

    • Check the solicits. Both Daredevil and Wolverine and the X-Men appear to be continuing.

  6. Can anyone give me a synopsis of the history of the Shi’Ar?

    What are some good Shi’Ar stories?

    • Uncanny X-Men:Rise and Fall of the Shi’ar Empire by Ed Brubaker….I like all the DNA Marvel cosmic stories they’ve played a part in too like War of KIngs, Annihilation..Annihilation Conquest and the few other stories that those led into. Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning’s entire cosmic run was solid from Annihilation through Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy’s runs that spawned outta Conquest, the few other cosmic events directly connected and it all culminated into Thanos Imperative. Its like one big saga cause it really is all connected. Sure you could read some of em w/out the others and get the jist but its just so much better and complete as a whole, plus you’ll get all the references, I love that stuff. I’ll dbl dip on trades with the ones I only have issues of that run.

    • It’s tough to give a brief synopsis of the Shi’ar but I’ll do my best. It is the name of an empire centered on the throneworld, Chandilar, which emcompass many planets and races. The empire is named after the Shi’ar race, who are are in charge and are kind of like human/bird hybrids (they have hallow bones and feathers instead of hair, etc.).

      They first appeared in the Claremont/Cockrum or Claremont/Byrne era or Uncanny X-Men, I think just before issue 100, in which case it would have been Claremont/Cockrum. Lilandra, the sister of the emperor D’ken, was escaping from her brother, who was power-mad and evil and wanted to harness the power of the M’kran crystal. She had a mental bond with Professor Xavier and contacted him multiple times on her way to earth (he thought he was going insane). Professor X and the X-Men helped her and, after D’ken was defeated, Lilandra became the empress (and she had a romantic relationship with Professor X for many years after this). She came into conflict with the X-Men soon afterwards during the Dark Phoenix Saga, when the Shi’ar believed that the Phoenix needed to be destroyed. I think that the Dark Phoenix Saga and the earlier issues with the M’kran crystal would be the best ones to read.

      I don’t think I’ve ever felt like more of a nerd than I do after realizing that I had all that information rolling around in my brain.

    • Much appreciated, both of you.

    • If you’ve got a good public library, and some time on Wikipedia, you can get about two dozen excellent Annihilation-related trades from the past decade or so.

      The DnA and that Brubaker run are considered the stuff worth finding. I think there was a Havok-led X-Factor, too.

  7. Gladiator looks sweet on the cover here and wanna read this issue just for the consistent implementing of cosmic Marvel into this and Warbird’s history.

  8. Hopefully they’re laying the groundwork for some Hickman/Aaron Cosmic/Mutant/Avengers/Fantastic goodness. That could be fun. Now that Hickman’s run is over, I wonder if we’ll see the more of FF crossover in this new NOW! “let’s-all-hold-hands-and-form-all-new-teams” thing.

  9. Great issue. Goddamn I love this book.

    Aaron writes some tough men, but these past two issues he’s really been showing some range by focusing on Rachel and Ava’Dara. Her inner monologue was both funny and touching throughout the issue. Also, this one was action packed. Normally I lean towards Bachalo on the rotation debate (reading Bradshaw’s issues is like reading X-Babies), but he really brought his A-game this time around. It was a tough issue to balance visually, and he nailed it. I’ve always loved Gladiator, and seeing him get his ass beat was pretty rough.

    Also, I’m about as attracted to Warbird as a mature, sensible male can be attracted to a fictional, two dimensional character. When this is over, Iceman is gonna be one lucky (and sore) dude.

  10. I’m so glad Gladiator got his ass whooped. Damn fool

  11. Loved this issue, and this is coming from someone who has been very critical of the X-Men books lately. Let’s hope Warbird gets to stick around for a while and not suffer the fate of Lifeguard, Cerise, or Deathcry. I also liked the nod to Rachel vs the Death Commandos, and Gladiator’s appearance.

    Please check my mini-review of VS #4 here:


    Comments and feedback are always welcome!

  12. What horrible timing to have an issue focusing on Warbird, where she was shown as a bit of a homophobe in Astonishing X-Men.

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