• Cyclops comes to the Jean Grey School!

• Will Wolverine’s X-Men join Cyclops against the Avengers?


Story by Jason Aaron
Art by Chris Bachalo, Tim Townsend, Jaime Mendoza, Al Vey, & Victor Olazaba
Colors by Chris Bachalo
Letters by Chris Eliopolous
Cover by Chris Bachalo & Tim Townsend

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 7.5%


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Avg Rating: 4.3
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  1. If I wasn’t enjoying every single issue of this so damn much I’d skip this tie-in. But I just can’t bring myself to do it.

  2. need to see cyclops staring longingly at the Jean Grey statue while Emma stands in the background giving him the evil-eye

  3. Wolverine and The X-Men and Batman this month have strikingly similar covers.

  4. I love this cover, but Wolverine’s facial hair looks like it was drawn on with sharpie while he was sleeping.

    Although, given the people he lives with now, that is a very real possibility.

  5. How many more issues till Bradshaw is back? Man i can’t wait.

  6. Very cool cover, reminds me of that Dark Knight Returns graphic novel cover.

  7. I picked up the first GN and I was pretty unimpressed, same with the Uncanny Xmen as well. I will give the next ones a try and hopefully they don’t leave me disappointed.

    • This series was a huge swing and a miss for me but it is the darling of a lot of people right now. I’m OK with being in the minority but I’m definitely with you on this title. It does next to nothing for me.

  8. Hope AVX doesn’t mess up my fave X-title

  9. @psychojudgedredd, i’m not really invested in this story, but i whole-hearted approve of this comment:)

  10. Cyclops really has become a big pain in the ass and his team of X-Men seem like the bad guys to me and I think Magneto and The White Queen are playing him since he is such a weak minded little bi#ch! Now he is going to come over to the good X-Men title and really annoy me. I hope the kids and the rest of staff blow his ass out of the school and make sure he knows he is not welcome in the mutant community any more. Just can’t stand Cykes, he has really suffered, I get that, but how many other heroes and mutants have and have moved on or learned how to deal. I really hope he gets it handed to him at the school and leaves with his tail between his legs and maybe realizes that the two villians in his group are using him!!


    • Dude’s responsible for the survival of his race, facing extinction, and now a para-military onslaught is trying to kill (Wolverine, technically and Avenger at the time) or capture their only hope at survival. He’s doing whatever it takes to save his people from an oppressive regime.

      We have a word for folk like that: Hero.

      X-Men 4 lyfe.

    • cap leads a team of heroes to save all of the whole goddamn EXISTENCE.
      not just humans.


    • Avengers are the true heroes and Cap is trying to the right thing and save everyone, equaly!!
      Cyclops is a puppet and has no real idea what he is doing and now Wolvie wants to kill the girl and I get the feeling she is’nt even the reason the Phoenix is back!? Either Way……



    • @thehangman – If the options are fascism or death, indeed shall I hold my head high to the gallows!

      Never, I say NEVER, will another mutant be crushed under the oppressive heel of a flatscan’s cruel boot! Summers fights for all Mutantkind, while Captain America only works to maintain the status quo, keeping mutants weak and oppressed. He fears Mutant Power! As all humans do! Indeed, the Captain doesn’t even KNOW that the Phoenix will be destructive! It’s been on Earth many times, with Rachel Summers and Quentin Quire, and been completely benevolent. And yet, his blind hatred has set him on a course of action that will only lead to war. Well I say, as Cyclops has, then let war come. They did not invite disaster, not on this nor the many occasions it has visited their doorstep, but they will not turn away and be wiped out in the night. They will stand up and fight for their right to live, as would any man here!


    • We’d reply to the Avengers progaganda calling Cyclops a puppet and whatnot, but I think the X-Men will let their actions to the talking. Yooooou’ll come crawlin’ back. X-Men styyyyle

    • My typos also show X-Men don’t like to type, they like to kick Avenger ass! Yeah!

    • Where are my fellow Avengers this day?! The X-Men’s legions have tried to take me down and have failed, as I talk of Mutant kind and Humans living together in harmony and that is what Cap. is shooting for as well. They talk of mutants rising up and chaining us humans all like dogs. Look at the one they call the leader; this weak minded fool Cyclops continues to fall prey to the parasitic mutant Magneto and his mind warping trolip White Queen. The only other original X-Man on this team Colussus is possesed by this Jaugurnaut virus ( or is it there on purpose?), (time out my spelling is so bad sorry, you all get the idea).
      I do believe Cykes has lost his mind and just the scene where is ABUSING NOT TRAINING HOPE should me that there are a few slices of bread short if you know what I mean and he needs a break for a long while!! If he were to step down and let a more responsible X-Men lead maybe I would see their plight. This is not going to happen and right now there seems to be no one really trying to help Hope except for Hope and I do not even really think she is the target! Do not say Wolvie because he just wants to kill her, so who’s left to help Hope???? Thats why I am rooting for the Avengers on this, they are here to protect and inocent girl regardless of what or who she is.

      So I say again,



      p.s. I WIN…!!

    • That exchange was intense. Well done fellas.

      Avengers are gonna win. There’s no X-Men movie out this year. Sowwy.

  11. Love this title. 2nd favourite Marvel book after DD. My personal preference is for Bachalo on the art. The fight between Sabretooth and Beast in issue 8 was awesome.

    Is this the last AvX Tie-in for this title or does it go on to issue 11 too?

  12. Somehow these talking issues are better than the main series (which I’m enjoying quite a bit). Great to finally see Logan and Scott together, but this was an awfully rational conversation for two guys who, less than a year ago, would not stop fighting each other as a SENTINEL TRIED TO DESTROY THEIR ISLAND AROUND THEM!

    Bachelo is a marvel.

  13. So this was before Cap kick Wolverine off the team?

  14. This was by far my least favorite issue of this series. In fact I thought this issue was awful. I didn’t read Schism, I’m not reading AvX, I don’t care about any of this. Not to mention there were two absolutely HORRIBLE lines of dialogue in this issue.

    First on the page 5-6 spread conversation between Rachel and Iceman, Rachel says “You should just give him a chance,” referring to Angel. She has just told Iceman that his best friend in the world, a person he has known for years, a person who has charged into battle with him on countless occasions, a person who has saved his life many times and vice versa; is unequivocally dead and never coming back. She has searched every corner of his brain and Warren is completely gone, nothing left, his consciousness totally wiped away; and all she can say is give this new guy, who looks exactly like your best friend who is now totally gone, a chance. What a stupid thing to say. And the fact that Bobby doesn’t even react to this is even worse! I almost stopped reading the issue after this exchange.

    Second, on page 9, Cyclops says, “Our way of life is under assault. Now more than ever.” I mean seriously? As an avid X-Fan since the early 90’s I have read this line literally dozens of times. Maybe hundreds. It no longer has any meaning. When I read that phrase I didn’t feel for Cyclops or the other mutants. I felt nothing. That line has been used so many times by a mutant leader it has no effect at all anymore. Just for once, it would be nice to read an X-event book where neither Cyclops, Magneto, or Professor X felt the need to speak this line.

    If you hadn’t guessed…all in all I really disliked this issue. Can’t wait until this event is over and this book can get back on track. At least the art was as stunning as ever.

  15. I enjoyed this. It was definitely dialog heavy, but nothin’ wrong with that when it’s someone like Aaron behind the wheel. Over in Uncanny, I’ve been struggling with how stone-cold Scott has been characterized lately, but this issue helped to solidify his reasons behind such a firm stance.

    “… I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get there. Even if I can’t get there myself. Even if I lose the man I once was somehwere along the way. I’m going to make that world happen. I’m going to give our children the future we always wanted. The one we were promised but never got.”

    I think that does a great job of summing up Cyclops current motivations, and it’s something that (much as I love him) Gillen hasn’t been able to drive home over in Uncanny. At least not as succinctly. Ya gotta admit, even after 50 years of struggling, the X-Men haven’t caught a glimpse of the bright future Xavier believed inevitable. Scott seems to finally be realizing that none of his generation ever will, but that doesn’t mean he’ll stop fighting. I like that.

    I’m still pro Wolverine though 🙂

  16. Cykes really is a mentally challenged slug right now!! I was hoping this was going to track Wolvie after Cap and Giant Man knocked him out of the plane. It would have made a little more sense and then we get to this point of the story and I really think maybe these kids need to be left out of this story line all together even though I know this will effect the entire Mutant community by the end anyway. I just do not think they are intresting enough to be involved in this with all of the A-Listers involved here. Oh well still a good issue and I read it which on a couple of pages I got real bored and almost fell asleep. I did however, make it thru to the end and well it was just ok.


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