Wolverine, Deadpool and a 15-Foot-Killer Robot walk down the street. Wolverine and Deadpool walk into a bar. The 15-Foot-Killer Robot ducks.

He still hits his head. Now buy this book.

Story by Stuart Moore, Fabian Nicieza & Dan Slott
Art by Shawn Crystal & Nelson
Colors by John Rauch & Giulia Brusco
Letters by Jeff Eckleberry
Cover by Skottie Young

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%


TheNextChampion07/27/11NoRead Review


  1. WTF is this?  Sounds… interesting?

  2. Couldn’t this just be an issue of Deadpool Team-Up?

  3. This was originally a digital comic on marvel.com I believe. I like the cover, not sure if I’ll give it a shot though.

  4. I don’t know Champion. That was a pretty good joke.

  5. This was okay…..Stuart Moore doesn’t do much here except for a generic fight. The twist (revealed on the cover) didn’t make up for it. I like Shawn Crystal’s art but it did get inconsistant especially with Wolverine. Okay one-shot that probably should’ve stayed a Marvel.com exclusive.


  6. Funny, funny Deadpool dressed up like the Pheonix and out with Wolverine..lol

    Just sayin’,

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