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X-Man. Avenger. Soldier. And that’s just the HALF of it. In this atomic-sized special, superstar David Finch leads a platoon of comic’s most talented creators in giving the Canadian killer a 21-gun salute. Ninjas, bar-room brawls, Morlocks and pirates (yes, PIRATES!): this issue sees the most marvelous mutant of all put through the paces. And if five-all new tales of Snikt-tastic action wasn’t enough, there’s classic reprints featuring some of Logan’s greatest hits!

WRITER: Marc Bernardin, C. B. Cebulski, Todd Dezago, David Finch, Dean Motter & Matt Yocum
PENCILS: Jake Bilbao, Jason Craig, David Finch, Pow Rodrix & Greg Scott
INKS: Derek Fridolfs, Rafa Garres, Rick Ketcham & Greg Scott
COLORED BY: Rafa Garres, Jorge Maese, Thomas Mason, Ikari Studios - Santiago Casas Mateo & Chris Sotomayor
LETTERED BY: Jeff Eckleberry & Dave Sharpe
COVER BY: David Finch

Price: $4.99
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  1. Is there any math to this issue’s number, or are they just including all the appearances he’s made in other character’s books?

  2. David Finch draws the best Wolverine ever.

  3. Yeah, I don’t get the 900 thing…do numbers even matter anymore?   I can only imagine 20 years into the future readers/collectors trying to figure the numbering scheme for books in the last decade. 

  4. I think the 900 is referring to the number of issues Wolverine currently appears in …

  5. I’m so excited for Dark Reign to be ending I’m gonna try out the Wolverine on-going! What’s wrong with me? 🙂

  6. @XManRyan  Better than Kubert or Silvestri?!  I’m speechless…

  7. @amircat lol

  8. @Amircat- LOL.

    Don’t quite understand the numbering either. Jumping to Issue number 174.6 would yield the same effect. Why bother?

    P.S. The question was rhetorical, I realize it boosts sales.

  9. They did this #900 thing with Deadpool also.  I think its meant to be another jab at DC by "beating" Detective and Action to #900.

  10. Fuck it, I think I’ll get this.  It is over 100 pages for $5.

  11. With Deadpool, the issue #900 thing makes sense, because he’s a "joke" character … but with Wolverine? I don’t get it. 

    PS- That cover is so awesome – I’m getting it tattooed on my forehead. 

  12. Ok here is the numbering as far as I found with a little internet research: 190 for regular tittle appearances of 1988, then theres 74 issues of regular title in 2003, 46 wolverine origins, 12 Wolverine: Weapon X; which so far is a total of 322. then theres the titles that spotlight him: 128 of Marvel Comic Presents, 241 comics of Uncanny X-men, 38 New Avengers, 35 New X-men, 33 Astonishing x-men; brings the total to 797. Next look at all of his mini series. 6 issues each for: Kitty pryde and Wolverine,  Origin, Wolverine the end; 5 issues each for: Wolverine: xisle, Wolverine: soultaker; 4 issues each for: Wolverine netsuke, Wolverine manifest destiny; which makes the total 827. and then the titles of alternate U’s such as: 83 ultimate x-men and just with that you get 910 which is 10 issues ahead of the 900 mark.

  13. @forestjwp: well, that takes away all the sense of the 900

  14. this is a steal at $5. It’s almost a GN

  15. Not bad. I did notice some continuity errors with the Morlock story though. Wolverine didn’t have adamantium when the story supposedly took place and Cyclops wasn’t a member of the team at that time. I know I’m nitpicking but don’t tell me a story is set after a certain issue and then get the details wrong.

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