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On the outside, an enraged Logan is fighting for his life against the combined might of both Namor and Magneto, while on the inside he’s battling to stop a horde of demons from burning him out of his own mind. And now some of his closest friends, including Storm, Rogue and Kitty Pryde, look to stage the most improbable of rescue missions. Powerhouses JASON AARON and DANIEL ACU

Story by Jason Aaron
Art by Daniel Acuna
Letters by Cory Petit
Cover by Jae Lee, June Chung & Dave Johnson

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%
Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. Really liked last issue, esp Acuna’s work, think he does Wolvie justice.

  2. Good lord! Lee actually put a different color then pale blue on a cover!

    (Seriously that is a pretty damn good cover) 

  3. This book has been dropping lower and lower in my stack!! Which is a good thing since I read all the books I am looking forward to or liking to the bottom or the end. Best for last theory!! I have enjoyed it and the cover looks very cool.


  4. @Flash, you are crazy sir!

  5. Awesome cover. I’ve been loving this since Weapon X #1. It’s so nice to be excited about Wolverine again. I haven’t enjoyed it this much since the Millar/JRJR relaunch. Which is like at least six years ago at this point.

    Keep it up Aaron!

  6. This was pretty awesome. As contrived as this whole plot seems on the surface, I find myself really curious/anxious about how they’re going to solve this. That’s good drama.

    Also, Acuna has really kicked it up a notch. His work used to put me to sleep, but now I’m finding myself really admiring his pages. 

    Next issue looks like a doozie. 

  7. The story in this is pretty amazing.  I know little to nothing about Wolverine and the X-Men but still really enjoy it.  Felt the art was a bit inconsistant, faces often had dots for eyes and a line for a mouth, especially in the later half of the book.

  8. Loved the end. Everything is better when that characters around. Bring him back to life, Marvel!!!

  9. I loved this book again this week! This is almost the last book I read every week on my stack!! Magneto seems to be getting more and more of a push over—puhn intended..LOL


  10. This ending is what kept me going with this series! Just over this week/weekend, I read the last two trades of Weapon X (Insane in the Brain and Tomorrow Dies Today), the Wolverine in Hell story, as well as these first two issues drawn by Daniel Acuna. To be honest, if I hadn’t read this last issue, I probably would have dropped this title. But this one ends with a very nice, very positive cliffhanger, and I’ll definitely be there next month! Can’t wait to see how this one turns out!

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