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  1. I’m enjoying the story that Aaron is weaving but not really liking the non-inked Garney art.

  2. cool cover.  i’m enjoying this arc.  this is the first time i’ve bought the wolverine solo in a long time.

  3. Hell yes!  Love Jason Aaron and this story arc.  I can’t wait for Wolverine to kick her ass.

  4. I bought this book and Cable #2, and I was weirded out to look down and notice both books essentially have the same cover.

  5. I can’t recall a time I liked Garney’s art soo much.  I loved both his Cap and Hulk runs but I think this is some of his best work.  And I think that Aaron has written on of the best Arc’s this title has seen in a loooong time. 

  6. The art on the last page of this has me so excited for the conclusion. As Jimski says in his review the writing on this is "brilliant". Aaron hasn’t disappointed me yet on this, Scalped or even Ghost Rider. Great cover by the way.

  7. @jimski — Ass-shots FTW?

  8. I’m really diggin’ this arc, too. Best Ron Garney art since his Captain America.  So ofcourse Marvel wants to give us another bland Mark Millar run.  I’m bored of it already. Keep Aaron on this book!

  9. @shogunt — While I thoroughly agree with the pro-Aaron sentiment. . .I don’t know that ‘bland’ is a word I’d ever use to describe Millar.  I mean, in ‘Enemy of the State,’ he had Wolverine dragging Rachel Summers — one of the most powerful telekinetic’s in the Marvel U — around by the hair as she whimpered like a damsel in distress. 

    Really, Mark?

  10. So, I was thinking…does Guggenheim’s previous run not count anymore?  I mean, basically, in that run, it’s set in motion that Wolverine’s healing factor will be toned down and that if he dies again, he will stay dead.  And then Wolverine uses a car bomb…

    …not that I’m complaining.  This was a great issue, but it makes Guggenheim’s previous arc seem kinda…dumb.

  11. "Dude … Miss December just stole our truck."

    Love this issue. Love this run. Loved the last page! 


  12. @Neb — I thought that, too.  It really seemed like ‘Logan Dies’ was done to deliberately amp down his powers.  And then it was immediately ignored.  Possibly (likely?) with the timing of these things, no one bothered to tell Aaron what Guggenheim did.  So we’ll see if they actually implement the power-down in future issues, once it’s had time to settle in.

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