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Many of the previous arcs for Wolverine has either been sub par or just awful. But with Jason Aaron (from Scalped fame) taking the writing reigns of the famous mutant for a four-issue arc, he gives the series a much-needed boost of enthusiasm and great storytelling. Which is what the series has been sorely lacking lately, none of the arcs seem coherent to one another and ultimately unnecessary. Yet the current arc features a spin off from the cataclysmic events that occurred in Messiah Complex, and has Wolverine hunting down Mystique for her betrayal of the X-Men.
The idea is similar to the Wolverine tie in for Civil War, where Wolverine chases Nitro for doing something Wolverine finds unjust. (But so far, Wolverine has not needed to wear an underwater pressure suit given to him by Stark Industries, and then magically pop six holes from his claws and not get crushed.) It is a simply story of a chase sequence, but Aaron adds an extra level of story telling with his flashbacks to previous Wolverine/Mystique encounters. This new arc, which is almost wrapped up, also gives us the best Mystique since Brain K Vaughn’s mini series. She is volatile, dangerous, yet you can see why she can make any man fall for her. Also, with her past history with Wolverine she knows exactly how to be one step ahead of him, but only by a small margin. It is an exciting story (Highly recommended for you to get the other past two issues of Wolverine) so far and I will be looking forward to its conclusion next month.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 4 - Very Good

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