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Demonically possessed Wolverine vs. Colossus. What more do you need?

How about Mystique and the Ghost Riders and Sabretooth and the devil wielding a really big sword, not to mention a shocking appearance by a figure from Logan’s past that no one’s expecting, least of all Logan himself.

All of this as Wolverine’s epic descent into hell rolls on.

Written by Jason Aaron
Art by Renato Guedes
Covers by Jae Lee and Brandon Peterson

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Avg Rating: 4.0
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  1. I like Jason Aaron, but this whole Wolverine in Hell conceit was wearing thin even before I started this new series. Holding on for some flashes of brilliance. Don’t make me wait too long Jason.

  2. This has been a pretty neat story so far. After the ho-hum first issue, I’m finding myself ACTUALLY enjoying a Wolverine solo story! Aaron just GETS him.

  3. @ComicBOOKchris: Couldn’t say it better myself! Jason Aaron is excellent on this book.

  4. Aaron’s Wolverine is the best there is.

    Is Colossus tryin to give Logan a kiss? Are we in the Ultimate Universe?

    “Don’t fight it, comrade. Don’t run away from your feelings.”

  5. I really dislike Guedes’ art. I have ever since he was on Superman. And his stuff on Wolverine is even worse

  6. Man, that Jae Lee cover is horrible looking.

  7. OOOOOOO!!!!! Jamie McKElvie backup!

  8. Loved the Ghost Rider and Mystique panel. Also really enjoyed the back up story.

  9. Good, not great. There was a lot of more-of-the-same with this one, but I’m hangin in there. The cliffhanger was predictable but still interesting. I didn’t really dig the fight with Collosus. I know Logan had demon powers, but Piotr kinda went down like a pussy. Aaron still has the best grip on Logan of anyone in the biz right now, so I’m still really enjoying this book.

  10. OK, I hate the art. I will finish this arc, but I think I will take my Wolverine in the other 100 available places instead.

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