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• The long-awaited sequel to EVOLUTION

• How did Sabretooth survive his beheading all those years ago?

Story by Jeph Loeb
Art by Simone Bianchi
Colors by Simone Peruzzi
Letters by Albert Deschense
Cover by Simone Bianchi, Ed McGuinness, Jason Keith, Stephen Platt

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 2.9
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  1. Why is # 310 coming out before # 309? And is Frank Cho really taking over as the writer after Loeb? Why not bring Cullen Bunn & Paul Pelletier back? They have done the best Wolverine in a few years.

  2. The issue no one asked for….

    Seriously, who the fucked asked for this?

    • Lol – Not me. But I will check the issue out.

    • This whole thing was a terrible idea! It sucked enough the first time, who greenlit this thing? To top it all off, they claimed the first time around that Sabertooh was really dead, a few months later Claremont was using him in another book as a good guy or something.

  3. Jeph Loeb’s Evolution arc made me drop Wolverine (Vol. 3?) all those years ago. I dropped right in the middle of it and did not even realize that Sabertooth died until a while later. His work on that arc combined with sticking on Daniel Way’s Wolverine Origins a little too long gave me a bad taste for Wolverine comics that I have never recovered from.

    • Completely agreed. I really want to care about this book, but it’s not happening. And I didn’t even know Sabretooth died. I can’t keep up with Marvel’s deaths and resurrections, and have been mostly woo’d away from Marvel by DC. Now I’ll have to look up the death of Sabretooth issue I suppose.

  4. This book is on the drop bubble, especially with Wolverine Max on the horizon :-). Bunn and Pelletier did nothing to better the book as that story was about as unoriginal as a Wolverine story could get. And if Bunn gets Cap as well, that book will most likely be gone as well. I just don’t care for his writing.

    • I liked the last arc a great deal (gore and all), but they were my first solo Wolvie books in ages. At least a decade.

    • @mgriffith if you haven’t read Jason Aarons run you should check it out. I left Wolverine after The Loeb and Way debacle started and all the praise Aaron was getting brought me back.

  5. This book was better than I expected. I went in thinking I was going to dislike it and was pleasantly surprised.

  6. I can’t disagree with the love loss for Jeph Loeb. He just doesn’t write a good Wolverine. But it was so nice to dine on some Bianchi art again. That alone was worth it.

  7. This was worse than I thought it was going to be. I will pick-up it up after Loeb is gone. I am still hoping Bunn will be back, I heard a rumor (and it’s just that a rumor) that Frank Cho was might be coming in as writer. I won’t be back if he is coming on, because I have not read anything that I liked that he has written.

  8. Wow, I said to myself I would like to check out Wolverine as I have never read it before. After reading these comments I think I might wait a while. 😉

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