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• High above Earth, the ELECTRIC GHOST has set a plan in motion that tears at the very fabric of reality. As the universe threatens to unravel, only THE WINTER SOLDIER can stop it – But does he even want to?

• Writer Jason Latour (Loose Ends, Wolverine) and artist Nic Klein (Dancer, Viking, Doc Savage) bring you the fiery conclusion to THE WINTER SOLDIER’S latest deadly mission!

Story by Jason Latour
Art by Nic Klein
Colors by Nic Klein
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Declan Shalvey, Jordie Bellaire, & Jason Latour

Price: $2.99
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Neb06/06/13NoRead Review
Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. After a handful of horrible stories Latour delivered last month just in time to be canceled. I wish he would have started off stronger. I’m not sure where I’ll get my Bucky fix now.

  2. Man, ‘Final Issue.’ I guess it was worth a shot to try and continue this series beyond Brubaker, but it was probably doomed from the get-go. Winter Soldier only existed because of Brubaker, and I guess it can’t exist without him. I gave Latour a shot, but this arc was so confusing and tried introducing way too many new elements to make it readable. Sad stuff.

  3. I’ve been enjoying Latour and Klein’s run. I think they were smart for taking things in a slightly different direction from how the title was under Brubaker. It may have started off a tad rough, but I felt like things really started to click together the last two issues. Of course Marvel has to make room for another Avengers or X-men book, so the little title that could is canceled.

    You would think that Marvel’s high sales from over-priced and doubled shipped books would cause them to give titles like this a longer leash, but I suppose that’s just wishful thinking.

  4. On a podcast some time ago, I remember Josh Flanagan saying something about how the 3.99 books “subsidize” the lesser selling, 2.99 books. It’s sad that a book like this can’t survive, but oh well, this is just three dollars I’m not going to be giving Disney.

  5. Oh well.

    I guess I’ll read the rest of these now that it’s over.

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