Guns. Acid. Cameras. School.

The themes behind the controversial Hellblazer: “Shoot” by WARREN ELLIS and PHIL JIMENEZ merge with the attitude of the GRANT MORRISON and PHILIP BOND masterpiece of teenage revolt, Kill Your Boyfriend, delivering a story of magic, passion and disinformation.

Story by Ales Kot
Art by Riley Rossmo

Price: $7.99
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  1. lol i really thought this was by ellis and Jimenez, not sure if i’m gonna pick it up now

    • I think this guys may be overreaching comparing themselves to Ellis/Jimenez and Morrison/Bond. This better be damn fantastic or they will end up looking like goofs.

    • Yeah that kind of solicit is verging on Mark Millar-level hype except without the tongue-in-cheek. I’ve been really looking forward to this and still am but I hate that kind of self-hype.

      Once you get past the whole NAME-DROP NAME-DROP, if you’re not familiar with either Shoot or Kill Your Boyfriend, all you’re left with is that it’s “a story of magic, passion and disinformation”. Oh.

  2. I’m in for Riley Rossmo, but I’m hoping this pans out and is actually a great book. I have a feeling it will be a clear cut pass or fail though in how successful it is. Either way, I’ll give it a shot.

  3. Worst solicit ever?

  4. If I don’t get a late 80s/early 90s Morrison vibe from the story I will be mega pissed. Looking forward to some Rossimo regardless though.

  5. WTF?

    • I heard this would use “non-linear storytelling” but I’m guessing from your comment it come off as more “non-sensical?”

    • It’s just… I know I’m not retarded but I just put this down with nothing much other than a “WTF?”. It’s one of those books that leaves you thinking “am i just too stupid to ‘get’ this?” and I hate that kind of artsy fartsy up-it’s-own-arse stuff. I might read it again and then retract that comment, but on a first read, that’s my opinion. Oh, and I didn’t find it particularly interesting. When a book requires you to pay extra-special attention to ‘get’ it, it kinda needs to be interesting.

      By the way, this comment isn’t real.

  6. Anyone else’s lca not get this?

    • Mine didn’t. The owner said he refused to order a 64 page book that cost $7.99. He said it was originally solicited at $9.99 but the price must have been dropped due to low orders. I have to agree, $7.99 for 64 pages is a little ridiculous. Even Marvel wouldn’t charge that much. Fantastic Four #600 was 100 pages and it was $7.99; and that was written and illustrated by very well known creators.

  7. Lcs*

  8. This was just great!

  9. This was surprisingly good if a bit uninspired and unoriginal. Very much a riff on the Grant Morrison style from The Invisibles. It’s good to see someone try something a little more demanding of the reader.

    • At least they mentioned The Invisibles and didn’t try to make it seem like they were unaware of it. Definitely felt very 90s Morrison to me but they weren’t trying to hide that. Quite enjoyed this.

  10. Hauntological and self aware. A great critic of “education” and the place of children’s ideas in our apocalyptic society of passé rules and “normality”. Excellent comic. Re-read it!

  11. I thought this was abosolutely fantastic. I like being made to work with my literature, and this was far and away the most taxing comic I’ve read since “Our Love is Real.” Very evocative of Morrison at his most Postmodern, and very deep in its probing of the concept of life as an enacted sequential art. I will likely reread this several times, and possibly write a term paper on it.

  12. What I got from this was a bunch of gibberish desperately wanting to be something grandiose. And I suppose in a way it is, much in the way everything that came out of my poet ex-girlfriend’s mouth was. If nothing else, I think this book succeeded in capturing what it’s like to be on a strong hallucinogen or a dissociative. And if that was the goal, then it reached it quite well, but it felt rather preachy to me in much of its exposition.

  13. This was disappointing in almost every respect. It seemed to be written by someone that just experienced their first trip and wanting to express it. I’d rather read erowid. I love Rossmo’s art, this had basically a single panel that featured his art in his style… the rest was a strange change of style with the basest of threads holding onto his normal style. It seemed like they should have just picked a different artist rather than have one change up like this, not that there was anything wrong with any of it just that it didn’t highlight Rossmo’s skill and look/feel. The story was so weak and just a mess. It did nothing for me and the attempts to be deep or reference culture/music were even more so. It was like having a conversation with a mildly intelligent college sophomore while stoned. They think they are learned and way deeper than they actually are. Complete disappointment all around. I didn’t get the art I had hoped for and the rest was next to worthless. Skip this.

  14. I’m sure I would have gotten a lot more out of this if I took the time to analyze everything that was said, but nothing really popped out at me that would make me want to go those lengths. So while I can’t really criticize it for being nothing but nonsense, I can say it’s not worth your time unless yo have ALOT of time, or it’s posssible it might work for someone familiar with the topics being discussed, but I’m not entirely sure what those topics were. If I hadn’t pre ordered it I wouldn’t have bought it after flipping through it in the store.. but I always stick to my word on my pre orders so I bought it.

    • Isn’t there a line in the comic to the effect that it is nonsense, that there is no underyling meaning and that’s the point? I agree with you, though. If a comic has a deep, underlying meaning or message, then the comic should be presented in a way that would make the reader want to read it again and dig through the symbolism. After reading this comic I wanted nothing more than my money back. In trying too hard to be impacting, it came across as pointless and pretentious. I did like the art, though, and may flip through it every now and again for that alone.

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