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Story by Ales Kot
Art by Riley Rossmo

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Price: 7.99


So I rated this, as a pure story, a 5/5, it wasn’t my pick of the week however, despite nothing else being close to a 5.

So I guess the question is why?

There’s something about this story, it’s very something and very much something that I think is a story or style that comics occasionally love to do, that sort of surreal high concept something.

We get these highly intelligent children who decide to try and change our perspective, and the whole ‘we’re in a comic book thing’ they do is fun, maybe a bit obvious, but I say that in the way I say modern art’s a bit obvious, in the way I shouldn’t say it because I didn’t think of it. And there’s the guns and the drugs, which aren’t guns or drugs, until they are guns and it all comes to its inevitable end, where the world isn’t changed by children (though perhaps it should be, albeit it isn’t changed because they are children and can’t grasp that to change an adults perception you must do it without them realising or in a way that is understood already by them) but we get a tragedy that would probably be lost to history and the plot of a graphic novel or story at some point in fifty years if it was to ever actually happen.

But I still don’t know why I gave it a 5, maybe just I don’t read enough high concept stuff and so the occasional things I do I find clever and enjoyable, although perhaps the LSD-Placebo effect thing was stretching clever a bit too far. And normally if I rate something a 5 I would say ‘buy it’ but here I won’t because I think you either already will have it and will have your own opinion (of which i’m sure there will be many) or you will read this and go ‘Kids, LSD, Fake Guns, not for me sorry’ and frankly I think that many many people won’t enjoy this the way I did.

But it’s something, i’ll give it that.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 3 - Good

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