Does Jake himself know who he is? Europe closes in around Jon, who is faced with the choice of fight or flight: Will he continue to hide in alleys and nightclubs, or will he fight back – even if doing so means losing his only defense?

art & cover TONCI ZONJIC

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  1. Saw this on the ECCC show, can’t wait for it to be collected…

  2. I love this series.

  3. Loved the first two issues.  Here’s hoping they keep up the momentum.  

    I hope that if this book does reasonably well that they will either make this an ongoing or come out with another miniseries after this one wraps up.

  4. It’s already been extended to 10-15 issues.

  5. Excellent series thus far.  I hope the # of pulls significantly increases.

  6. This has been great. I am loving this and I know my wife would love it because of the Jason Bourne / mystery vibe. I have to wait until several more issues are done because she wants to read in chunks not monthly.

  7. just to clarify ottobott’s comment. According to USA Today its AT LEAST 10-15 issues… it will continue longer if sales persist.

  8. Reminds me a little of Existence 2.0

  9. Great Cover. I wish more comics had that level of design refinement. Really fun series….extending it to 10 or so issues is fun. Hope they have good stories. 

  10. @nodnolan- there was something about this in USA Today?
    @wallythegreenmonster- agree with you about the design elements. It’s a very refreshing look.

  11. Tonci Zonjic is killing it. KILLING it. He’s my favorite artist working at the moment.

  12. Great news regarding the extension of this story!  I love this book.  

  13. Great issue.  Excellent pacing.

  14. This is such a great series, and I’m so glad it’s being extended.  But — how did everyone else hear of this, and decide to pick it up?  For me, it was only luck — I liked the cover and decided to give it a chance.  But I don’t do that very often, because I’m usually disappointed.  Which leads me to think that I’m missing a lot of great reads.  So how can I find other great comice like this?

  15. @Brody  Listen to iFanboy podcasts.  That’s how I became familiar with Jake Ellis.

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