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The original warrior of Mars returns from Dynamite! Warlord of Mars is an enhancement of the classic Edgar Rice Burroughs story, Princess of Mars! If you thought you knew the story, think again! This series will capture the grit and action of the original while expanding on it with new elements. The story is about John Carter, an ex-cavalry officer in the Confederate Army who finds himself mysteriously transported to Mars! Joining him in his adventures there are Tars Tarkas, his Martian comrade, and Dejah Thoris, a Martin Princess. This series is written by Arvid Nelson and is illustrated by Stephen (Avengers/Invaders) Sadowski and Lui Antonio, and features covers by Alex Ross, J. Scott Campbell, Joe Jusko and Lucio Parrillo!

Writer: Arvid Nelson
Penciller/Inker: Stephen Sadowski
Covers: Alex Ross, Joe Jusko, J. Scott Campbell, Lucio Parrillo

Price: $1.00
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CaptainSweatpants10/13/10NoRead Review


  1. This looks and sounds ridiculous, incredibly cheesy, exploitative and extra pulpy. Which means I can’t help but pick this up on wednesday.

  2. I’ve read the entire ERB series – can’t wait to see it in graphic novel form!

  3. I really enjoyed it. Did not expect to, but did.

  4. I like the cover art style. Both the title and publisher logos are crud. Terrible.

  5. I’m glad this was only a buck.  Borrrring.  If I had paid $4 for this I would be distraught.

  6. Strong first issue. Good character development

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