The blockbuster “War of the Green Lanterns” event has rocked the entire Green Lantern Corps to its core.

Who is the new Green Lantern of Sector 2814? The answer will fuel the next year’s worth of GL tales!

Written by TONY BEDARD
Variant cover by MIGUEL SEPULVEDA

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Avg Rating: 3.5
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  1. I heard some negative comments about issue # 1 of this book.  I thought is was good.  Kept me very interested.

  2. I really enjoyed the first issue of this. I normally avoid “aftermath” issues as they usually add little to the story, but I found this to be a lot of fun.

    The art let it down a little, but the story was exciting.

  3. Man, I did not enjoy the last issue. This’ll be a flip-through in the store (really just searching for Kyle related content), but odds of it coming home are low.

  4. I actually thought the art last issue had sort of a classic feel although flat.  I’m not even sure what I’m talking about though…

    Why so many $3.99 comics this week, DC?  Damn!! 

  5. The  Guardians: possessed?

  6. I’m I the only one who thinks this 2 issue arc accomplished NOTHING. Seriously did anything even happen other than Kyle getting sent to earth and the guardians being slightly more annoying than usual?

  7. Hals in Hals out….. wtf already  can we just get done with this and get back to some good old comic book stories with our favorites?? Next month, next month; lets see what it brings because like thompsnvile wrote “accomplished NOTHING”

    Just sayin’,



  8. I assume by the ending that this story will be continued in the new 52?

  9. I enjoyed this issue more than most of ‘War of the Green Lanterns’.

    I really think that Johns did a great job reinvigorating the Green Lantern series. I think its time someone else to be the pilot (heh–like Hal) for directing all of the Green Lantern titles. I nominate DNA.

  10. Wow, I’m surprised that the aggregate review is only 3.5 on this issue.

    I thought it was really good, and was a nice capper on the whole Green Lantern universe before the new 52 comes barreling through.

    I guess everyone must really be burnt out on the old green guys, eh? 

  11. i think johns is doing just fine at the helm of the GL title, fantastic really.  i cant wait to see what he has in store for sinestro as the “hero” and how he will contrast and interact with not only the corps, but the superhero community as a whole.  i think things are going to continue to be interesting for some time to come.

  12. @thompsonlive I never got the impression this two issue was supposed to accomplish anything major except perhaps demonstrate the new status quo and the relationships between the major players.  Perhaps this could have been done in the other three books, but with new 52 coming perhaps they felt it would get lost in the shuffle.  What I do think is that we’ll see the new Green Lantern #1, with Sinestro, start off with a bang and get right back into heavy action.

  13. I thought this was a good 2-issue story. Sometimes you need this type of story to decompress after a huge crisis. This was pretty much all character stuff, and I thought it was well done. And it was pretty Kyle-focused, and I really like Kyle. Wondering about that last page though…

  14. I thought the second one was way better than the first, and I guess mogos gonna be part of the new 52 judging by that ending.

  15. Really liked both of these issues and has we wanting to read what’s next for Kyle which I haven’t cared about in the past. Still waiting for Stewart to catch on for me, he always just seems to be in the background.

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