The shocking consequences of the blockbuster “War of the Green Lantern” event have shattered the lives of Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, John Stewart and Kyle Rayner in ways no one will see coming.

Written by TONY BEDARD
Variant cover by DOUG MAHNKE

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  1. I love this cover.

  2. I’m kind of glad Bedard is taking this one. Tomasi and even Johns haven’t been able to put out a decent Green Lantern story in awhile.

    After that last issue, I’m still worried about this comic though. 

  3. Dammit. I was on my way out until that last issue of GL.

  4. I somehow suckered myself into buying this one, despite generally be non-plussed about the War of the GL. Here’s hoping my ordering mistake turns out to be secret genius at work.

  5. I’m gonna grab this because I’m still not tired of Green Lantern.

  6. Grabbin this for Sepulveda’s art.

  7. I loved war of the green lanterns and am excited about this. I just hope they spend as little time as possible with John.

  8. I’m probably going to switch to trades on Green Lantern stuff after this.   They read so much better in trade

  9. I love that cover it is very cool. All we can do is sit back and see where the Green Lanterns take us this time?? It seems they have had a foot hold of the entire DC Universe for a long time now. I really am getting bored believe it or not. GL Hal is like my second favorite character in the DC U however; I think we need some smaller arcs for a long while. Just sayin..


  10. In for a penny in for a pound.

    I’ve followed this title through thick and thin since the summer of ’59. I found it in a Mom ‘n Pop when I was eight and a half, and the whole concept of the Silver Age Green Lantern blew my mind. I was a reader that, if I was going to read a comic, GL was in my top five. I’ve seen & read every incarnation with very few exceptions.

    I want to see it through to the next stage. The characters I’ve grown up with are about to change again, & I can’t wait!

  11. Mmmm so many good things in this one, don’t wanna spoil any thing but lots of questions get answered. An extra buck for ten more pages good deal…that seems promising for those over sized Justice League and Action issues.

  12. Not much to look at, but a great personality. Loved the moment between John and Kyle, love the building tension as the Guardians go TOO FAR (again. What does it take for these dopes to catch on?)! The art? Not my cup. I love a nice ramifications issue, especially after the bombs dropped in GL last week, but it looks like we’re in for two issue of well characterized wheel spinning dragged down by the visuals.

    Not sure when else I was expecting, to be homest. The real story’s still 2 months away.

  13. No thanks. The first half of this book’s art was laughable. I think that’s what made me dislike the writing partially, because I couldn’t stop thinking how silly sinestro and everything looked. Bummer because I was really excited for this.

  14. This story feels like it is being forced down our throats…moan, sigh, etc. Anywho I’m not really pleased but I am not upset either. The “braintrust” must know what’s best for us..right?

  15. I loved this, it reminded me of the really good Tomasi issues of Corps before Blackest Knight. I almost feel like THIS is what WotGL should have been, because it shows a true unease and distrust between the ranks of the Corps and the Gaurdians.

  16. @mikeandzod21  Agreed 100%

    I didn’t actually feel the tension in War of the Green Lanterns.

    Although the tension was definitely there in this book, it wasn’t an excellent book. Although I did love Sepulveda’s art in the Thanos Imperative, I think he missed the mark here. What is wrong with his chins? Everyone in his family must have abnormally enlarged chins–and not in the good way (like Bruce Campbell).

    I’m just starting to warm up to Bedard’s writing and I think he did fairly well here.

  17.  > I didn’t actually feel the tension in War of the Green Lanterns.

    I thought there was plenty of tension between the Guardians and Corps. It really culminated in the last issue with the Guardians again proving what dicks they are.

  18. Finally got around to reading this. I thought it was pretty good, actually. Kind of one of those post-even decompression books, and a breather is nice. Glad they are starting to address some of my outstanding questions from War of the Green Lanterns, even if we were mostly teased so far. I thought there were some good emtional moments, like with Ganthet, and John/Kyle being confronted about Mogo. Sinestro was sort of whiny, which seemed out of character.

  19. Would’ve liked if some of the GL’s gave up their rings after Hal was dicked over, not just cus Sinestro had a ring.

    That’s some cruel trick on Ganthet by Saint Walker, more like a Blue Lantern of false hope there.

  20. i wish the guardians would just die already!  scratch that, i hope jordan kills them all when he returns!

  21. Really glad I picked this up, answered some questions I had and really like where Hal Jordan is right now for some reason.

  22. The art was uneven during the first half but the story was solid. I loved how such raw emotion has overtaken most of the Corps including the Guardians. I really liked the issue.

  23. Not an epic issue, but it does not have to be.

    I enjpoyed it but can not call this title a “must buy” by any means.

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