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  1. Can someone tell me (who is reading ascensions) if it adds anything worthwhile to War Of Kings? I dont care if its fantastic or not its just that i REALLY like war of kings.

  2.  @ Aquaman Yeah.  I wasn’t going to get it at first, but once I checked it out in the store I decided to get it.  It’s pretty good.  I’m not sure what role the Raptors will play in the final outcome of WoK, but it’s fleshing their story out pretty well. 

     Plus Abnett & Lanning are writing it.  That’s a good sign.  Get this and skip the Gladiator focused mini that’s not written by Abnett & Lanning.



  3. At the moment it has absolutely nothing to do with WoK but it’ll probably tie-in eventually. It’s Ab&Lan so i’m buying it and it’s enjoyable. Just solid fun

  4. just a guess but i think they will get involved when blastar does.  no idea what there roll will be.

  5. I would love to read this, but I’m waiting for the trade.  I wasn’t going to buy the first two Darkhawk stories, because they had the reprints in them.  Now that DnA are writing, I want to get it!

  6. @Itiscritical – I like your DnA abbreviation more than my Ab&Lan abbreviation. Thank you…..

     @CaptainJack – Completely forgot about Blastaar. I’m so excited to see all the pieces fall into place with this story!!!

  7. Wo… wait a sec! Wo, wo, wo…


    Did you say BLASTAAR? Love that character!!!! This might need to be looked into…

  8. Blastaar and a very powerful artifact.  I can only imagine where this will go. Abnett and Lanning writing War of Kings and all of Starlin’s recent DC work. It has been a good few years for space adventure comics.

  9. This miniseries is going to directly tie in WOK next month with issue 3.

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