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  1. Well, *hello*.

  2. Sweet! May switch to issues after this!

  3. Can a trade be the POW? Cuz this will probably be mine!

  4. This is awkward. I picked up this series in issues during this time….So I really dont need the trade for this…But now I’m back on trade for this, but that wont come into effect until Vol. 10 comes out…

    What do I do? Waste money for a book I already have issues for….or just have one gap in my trade space?

  5. Well, TNC I guess that depends on whether or not you want to have to dig out your old issues when you read The Walking Dead to your kids.

  6. @Harper: Ah yes I forgot I need to tell me 4 year olds one day about this story.

    ‘In today’s chapter kids, we’re gonna see one of the heroes get his head chopped off……slowly….’

  7. my buddy who work’s at my LCS said that this isn’t supposed to be shipping until the 29th. whaaaa……..? i’m so sad if it is coming out now and i’m waiting til the end of the month to get it. so impatient 🙁

  8. @TopGun: Diamond has certainly been wrong about when this ships before.  I wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t hit until the end of the month,

  9. man this trade collects the best run of the series. the character interactions in these issues were amazing. cant wait to get this!

  10. My LCS didn’t have this… did anyone get a copy or was the ship list wrong?

  11. Got mine and it’s amazing.

  12. My LCS had the trade but I’ve been on issues since the last HC.  It feels good to be all caught up.  Now I can chip away at the rest of my ignored stack. 

  13. Haha – Yes!  It DID come out!  Woooo!

  14. "And Conor’s cold tiny heart grew several sizes"

    Of course, then he read the terrible, terrible things in the book, and it shrunk back down.

  15. I too have no need for the trade since I’ve got all the back issues, but I’ve also got all the previous 8 trades as well (which I read to catch me up to speed). But I can’t bear the thought of purposly passing up this book either (like @TheNextChampion), and dropping the collection. Damn OCD!

  16. haha…i went to issues after Vol. 8 ….BUT…i couldnt get ahold of issue #49, so it looks like im gonna have to go pick this up! 3

  17. YAY it did come out and me and my buddy where the only ones that got it at my LCS. VICTORY!!!!

  18. Is it just me or was anyone else put off by the fact that Ricks son almost never talks up to this issue, but all of a sudden hes an important character…..with a bitchin hat! He seems like a helpless kid and all of a sudden hes got deep emotional problems and is killing zombies left and right.

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