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  1. Ordered this on DCBS and it will be my first foray into the WD. . .

  2. i own like 4 different versions of this. this will be my 5th lol.

  3. This is just an awesome idea for anyone on the fence about this series. If they can get the 5th HC out soon, people will be able to buy two books and be completely up to speed on the series. If I didnt already own the 4 previous HC’s I would definitely buy this.

  4. And so the "How many formats can we make the Walking Dead into?" debate rages on…

    This does look pretty nice though.

  5. This is such a great deal. But I already have the TPB and singles.

  6. With amazon discount this is a friggin steal.

  7. Wow.

    1,000+ pages. First 8 story arcs. Or the first 48 issues. Only for $60?

    How can anyone not pick this up?

  8. And it’s $37 on Amazon. Which is less than a dollar an issue.

  9. @conor: Seriously? omg! O_o;

    (sings) Bargin!

  10. Seriously, I spent like $100 catching up on the series over winter (the first 8 trades). You guys are lucky.

  11. @miyamotofreak: Oh, I already have all the trades too. I just love these big collections. Might pick one up for my brother too, he liked the first few trades.

  12. @conor 

    I know what you mean. I’m a broke ass student but I feel like buying one of these to give to a friend anyway. 

  13. i own this in issues, TPB, Hardcover TPB, Walking omnibus vol 2 (vol 1 is OOP very RARE) and now this…. i seriously have a problem

  14. After I pay for my summer class I will probably pick this up, even though I have the first four trades and Book 3. Damn!

  15. I bought the first tpb,loved Tony Moores art ,bought the second but  just couldn’t get into Adlards work and never bought the third.I’m probably a fickle,shallow,horrible person but it just wasn’t the same for me.Moore never came back for a stint on interiors did he?

  16. I have this pre ordered on amazon but it still says it hasnt come out yet???

  17. Sometimes the dates on Amazon are a bit screwey – didn’t ship Scott Pilgrim 5 ’til the end of February (even though it came out on the 4th.) The cheapness is worth the wait I guess.

  18. @rift1128: That’s because it hasn’t.

  19. I want to know if its gonna be the nice same paper from the trades or crappy news paper paper anyone have any idea?

  20. Same price at Amazon and InStock Trades, so I decided to make Amazon pay for that whole anti-gay snafu a few weeks ago.  Weakest. Protest. Ever.

  21. Saw this at the store. Massive.

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