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Andrea still mourns for Dale.


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  1. Rick + Andrea…it was only a matter of time. What I love about Kirkman is that you know this is going to end badly. I know something horrible is going to happen to one of them (again), but I can’t look away.

    • I hope Rick decides to roll with it, rather than pull a “No, we musn’t!” kinda thing. I am very much looking forward to how this dynamic will work.

    • I think Andrea badly needed this! Her character has been growing more and more insignificant as of late, which is hard for ne to say because I love where she’s been and the growth she has experienced.

    • I’m not that excited about the Rick Andrea thing. We’ve already seen Rick handle the rebound. Maybe if there is a conflict with Andrea’s love interest, it could get interesting.

      The past few issues have been a necessary lull in the action. Now, I’m ready for a significant rise in tension.

    • I’m thinking whats his name? the guy that was all about Andrea, is going to take this hard and could create a problem. He was already on the side of that other nut.

      Also, I think Carl is going to slip at some point , his memeory being all f’ed up, and mention how he killed Ben in front of Andrea.

    • yeah, and that is what makes the comic book exciting. Its like porn, everybody gets f*cked……………………………………….I apologize for that comment, my crazy fan boy personality gets out of control sometimes

  2. Am I the only one who wants to see Andrea and Michonne hook up. They both been let down by their men partners. At this point it’s prison rules. I just think they would be a great couple

  3. i hope this calm before the storm thing hurries up already. On to the next major conflict/challenge.

  4. I don’t think its possible for WD to be as bad as last issue again. What A snoozer, even for a build up character issue. I expect more action, or at least more intrigue this issue. Lets get soemthing going.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing some people head out, a longer stay, and maybe roll with parrallel story lines. Stuff in the community and another group exploring other Areas near by. Or maybe I’m asking for another Govenor situation. I miss that guy. sigh We need another great villain is this series that can stand toe to toe with Rick and his wild Bunch.

    • Agree strongly. The threat posed to Rick in the past issues created only mild tension. The Governor or the convicts filled me with rage every page. Another serious villain or zombie threats would be welcome.

    • I thought the past two issues were fantastic, as good as the Walking Dead has ever been in terms of characterization and development. I like these down times, because I find watching these people try and go about their lives after the catastrophic and horrible events that they have lived through, and I just like these characters. I trust in Kirkman, and I’m enjoying the book right now as much as ever. Also, I found Charlie Adlard’s art last issue to be maybe the best he’s done yet.

  5. I thought this was much better and we’re finally starting to see a glimpse of the next possible conflict.

    Its funny that they went into the canned goods thing. I was thinking about it this past week when gathering stuff for a food drive, and researching how long canned things last. Actually its kinda creepy, since i was reading about that and wondering how long the WD crew could survive on old canned goods.

  6. Looks like Abe is starting to get froggy and he is going to be a dangerous nemisis for Rick! Pushing Andrea away does not seem to be to smart since she also maybe on the edge. Plus; why push away getting lucky when you maybe dead by morning. Take it when you can get it, right? The ending seemed almost typical though; another group of surviors going to cause them hell. I did enjoy this issue and still gave it a 4; even though Carl is starting to really get on my nerves; maybe it’s time for him to become lunch? He just seems to be a little to much of the story now and I know it is the only thing keeping Rick going I just don’t care enough about his character to really worry about him. Is that bad? Next issue should be even better; there looks to be a lot of action and some serious drama!


    • I see your point, and agree with many of them. However, we don’t know that this new character will be “just another threat” or something more than that. Maybe he’s just a loner, or maybe has some information about the outside world.

  7. Come on Rick! That whole reasoning is played out and lame!

  8. Finally starting to pick up the pace. I’m all for building lulls into a plot, but seemed like all 6 issues after “no way out” were over-emotional and over-acted, full of page spreads for big emotional moments that just fell flat. Im curious about this newcomer.

  9. I’ve only been reading The Walking Dead since issue #83 so I don’t know about any of the characters that haven’t been in the television series/ all I know is that there’s Michonne and the other black character with the glasses, I think there’s a gay couple, I get Nicholas confused with Abraham, and there’s that medic lady.

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