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Glenn will soon regret his decision.


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  1. Two issues in one month? Yes please.

  2. Glenn – please don’t go! Story arc picking up a little steam after a needed lull.

  3. These lulls in TWD are becoming a little too frequent for me

  4. I just hope T Dog is ok 😉

  5. Yeah!! They are making up for lost time; thank you Image!

    Just sayin’,


  6. This book is just spinning its wheels at this point. Cliffhangers are being resolved within the first few pages of the following issues. Nothing is happening

  7. The TV production used up the entire zombie budget so he has to spend a few issues of talking heads exploring feelings. I mean it was enjoyable, but i wish a bit more would happen. These have been some slow issues.

  8. Seemed like that conflict resolved to simply, all of a sudden that guy is cool with rick? He understands everything now?I thought that guy actually had a good point, besides the fact that Rick’ss group is just bad ass and has more experence dealing with rouge people and zombies and he was just a idiot the way he appraoched it, I don’t see much of a democracy, Ricks way or the highway right?

    • Hasn’t that been the way of TWD lately though? SInce they’ve been in this community, Rick has looked like he was going over the edge a handful of times and there’s been a handful of potential civil wars. The only thing they all have in common is that everything gets worked out pretty quickly without much collateral damage. Yes I get that Carl got half of his head blown off, but everything preceeding that and everything that’s come since has been boring.

      This series is about the characters and their relationships with each other, I get it. But it’s just not interesting without the out-of-the-box conflicts that make up the bulk of the series, or the constant danger.

      One of the things I like best about this series is when it lulls you to sleep and gives you a feeling of safety, and then Kirkman completely obliterates that – and we all know that’s coming eventually. This is just been too fucking slow though for too fucking long, and it makes for a boring single issue read month to month. And give me a proper cliffhanger with an actual outcome will ya?

    • I agree with you. And before No way Out, it was very similar. I did love the NO Way Out Arc. There was some good character stuff here, between Rick and Carl, and Rick and Andrea, but besides that, I’m not so sure I know what we are working toward.

      I do have faith in Kirkman that he will pull me back. But man, doesn’t the Govenor Run seem so much better nowadays. I hope that thinking it will be that good again is realistic. I have learned, that this series is better in trade or HC. But I can’t stop getting my monthly fix, but the fix this month was lacking the punch or intrique that I look forward to.

    • Agree with @cutty and @comicroamer -nothing really happened except for the BIG KISS and I guess there setting up a struggle for power between Rick and Abraham, Sometimes I have more fun reading the Letter page in the back. I still have faith in Kirkman tho

    • i think you nailed it. Its becoming way too easy for Rick to resolve those conflicts. And survival is never easy. Somebody take a swing at somebody, or at least raise your voice. Geez.

  9. I only gave this a 3; like drdeeeznutz stated nothing really happened except for the big kiss even though I am sure we all saw that coming for a long while. She has been after Rick’s ass for a long time and was just waiting for the right moment; I guess she’ll be dead soon. Abraham and Rick is going to happen; especially if Abe keeps getting rules by his little head. I have a feeling issue #100 is going to start getting into the whole virus thing and start getting into other survivors around the world making contact. Maybe I am wrong however; I think that would open up some new doors since right now the series seems to be loosing some gas. Robert is awesome and I think he has really entertained me since I started reading this and the tv show.

    Just sayin’,


  10. This is the first issue of Walking Dead that I rated a 3. Originality, character growth and extreme tension drive this series. Both are missing the past few issues. I was calm reading the issue – an impossibility in the past. This is not a good thing.
    Nicholas poses no threat compared to the dudes in the prison nor does he generate tension.

    I feel like I’ve heard the speeches from Carl and Rick before. We haven’t seen a zombie in several issues.

    I don’t like to make negative posts, but I feel like it is appropriate considering the last 4-5 issues have been mediocre and no turnaround in site.

  11. One more. What’s up with the cover? No connection to the story.

  12. Enjoyed this issue. I felt like we were building up to that last scene for awhile, and it felt right.

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