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He has gone too far.


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  1. You know what I love? Andrea kicking ass.

  2. Since there was not a Walking Dead book last month will we get two this month? Hope hope hope hope! I need these books to hold me off until the show returns in two weeks.

  3. I think we should get two this month! However; I also know we should not hold our breath. I have been waiting and waiting for this to come out so we can see what the hell happens to them this month…. No really I wanna know unlike any other book I really need to know. The TV series starts on what day and what time central??

    Just sayin’,


  4. I love the solicits for this book.

  5. ooohh that last page makes me think that issue #90 is going to be the end of the current status quo. Cant wait!

  6. BAD ASS.

    Dear Marvel,
    That’s how you do an “Avengers Assemble” moment.
    You’re welcome,
    Chris Clark

  7. I really hope Glenn doesn’t get killed.

  8. No one in their right mind will fuck with that ensemble.

    Very few bad ass moments in the Walking Dead, which makes it all the more sweet.

    And if it does come to conflict, it will end quickly.

    The fallout could be heavy though.

    5/5 and probably pick of the week.

  9. Time to trim the fat-can’t Wait to see who gets it-just hope it’s not Michonne

  10. Finally getting to flush out the hostility.

  11. Starting to lose interest. The comic has been pretty boring since what happened to Carl, and I’m starting to feel that even though Kirkman could do Walking Dead forever, I may not be able to follow him all the way there. Then again, the series has had dips and picked up before, so I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt for now. It’s hard to imagine what else he could put these characters through

    • It’s the calm before the storm. The slow time make the crazy intense shit more fun. I say stick with it just because I can see this getting really crazy whlie Mr. Kirkman works his way up the ladder to Issue 100.

    • If you don’t understand how this book works after 89 issues, you might as well drop it.

  12. Picked this book up because iv been watchin the series. Love it defenatly pickin this up again

  13. I enjoyed it just thinking we have been here before thou.

    Just sayin’,


  14. After burning through every issue from #1 to now in trade form, this “waiting-for-monthly-floppies-place” I’m in isn’t going to cut it. I may have to take a break and read this title in trade only. Now I know what Job from the Old Testament felt like, when HE suffered… 🙁

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