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How do we deal with what comes next?

Robert Kirkman, Adlard, Cliff Rathburn

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  1. nOooooooooooooooooooooooooo….please dont let it be…!!!

  2. NO!!!  NOT CARL!!  

  3. @robbydzwonar  @hellblazer101  Stop, your feaking me out!  It will be ok, maybe.

  4. I think that grave is for Morgan and not Carl-fingers crossed

  5. I just finished the latest Walking Dead trade. Every time I finish one, I ask myself why I’m not reading this every month. What a great comic.

  6. If Carl survives that may be the only thing that ever happened in this book I would actually hate. That bullet hole was huge, no way for a kid with no major medical equipment to survive.

  7. I Think he is going to survive. But is it possible kirkman is going to get twisted and have Carl survive, but have extreme brain Damage?

  8. Another solid issue, but please stop inserting different titles in this book! Elephantmen is lame.

  9. Filler issue if I ever saw one.  There’s nothing here that wasn’t in either of the last two issues…

  10. i feel like nothing important has actually happened since no way out ended….

  11. Kirkman owes me 3 bucks worth of beard trimmings.

  12. @Suicidalkangarooz  I was under the impression (from a comment Kirkman on the letters page) that Charlie Adlard might have drawn the bullet hole too large, and Carl’s injury, while meant to be life-threatening, was not as extreme as the way it was originally presented. Thus making it somewhat more plausible (within the confines of the story) that he would have initially survived the gun shot.

  13. @ I understand but I think he should’ve gotten adlard to tone it down before using it. I can live with Carl surviving, but it will be one of the few disappointing moments in this series. Good issue though. I like the feeling of hope, it’s nice to see an optimistic Rick.

  14. not exactly action-packed, but i guess out of 86 issues they can’t all be winners. 

  15. The book has a pattern of heightening the action and then letting it subside for more character moments. It happened after issue 48 and it is happening after issue 84.

    The book would be weaker if it was constantly at 10. It needs the downtime to ramp up the next major arc.

  16. @ScorpionMasada  Exactly. I actually like the issues where we just see the characters live in this world and try to regain some sense of normalcy.

  17. @limegintonic

    Uhm…you got it FREE. No extra charge. Why you wan’t em to stop?

  18. Yeah… there’s no coming back from that gun shot as portrayed. It will be super lame if he survives.

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