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  1. GLENN! NO!

     In all seriousness though I think if Glenn ever kicked the bucket I would bawl my eyes out.  I can’t say that about too many characters in this book anymore.

  2. I’m finally jumping onto issues with this series after I pick up the vol 13 this week too.

  3. Didn’t they make a show about this recently?

    Kidding. Lookin forward to it as always.

  4. No!!! Glenn!

  5. Probably the most excited I’ve been about this series since they fled the prison.  Kirkman did a masterful job at making us finally feel somewhat comfortable over the past few months

  6. I think i would tear up as well if Glenn kicked the bucket. I also think Douglas is going to kill himself.

  7. Noooooo Why did i click on this i’m still like 10 issues behind… What was i thinking

  8. what issue does volume 13 go up to?

  9. @JoeNY


    Volume 13 goes up to #78 so if you read it you should be all caught up.

  10. When was the last time that somebody was killed by a zombie?  The last I can come up with is the governor and that had to be 30+ issues ago

    Last person that was bitten is Dale as far as I can remember

  11. In #77 or #78 the other group tossed one of their own to the zombies in order to escape.

  12. Is Rick ever going to shack up with Andrea?

  13. @idleivey – didn’t Abe save that guy?

  14. @cutty, Naw Glenn and Heath watched from the rooftop as they shoved him out the door and made off while the zombies enjoyed the buffet.


    @ Idlelvey Thanks trying to catch a friend up so he can start with the issues, I’ve been reading since issue #1

  16. Perfect issue taking us up to No Way Out. Loved the character moments and the action.

  17. So glad I finally caught up. This was great.

  18. Loved the way this built to the end.  Could read this series all day long.

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