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  2. definitive word, "could".

  3. Oh my god! Supertrackmonkey must’ve been bitten!!! Get the ax!

  4. It seems like Rick and the others encounter a stranger every other mile. For a zombie apocolypse there sure are a lot of people still around. lol

  5. lol the solicit for this every single month tells you everything is going to change.

  6. I just finished reading one of those pictureless books (The Road- the one that they made into a movie). There are no zombies, but it’s got a similar premise, and it managed to creep me out more than Walking Dead.

  7. @HailScott The Road was great. Most definitly one of my favorite novels of all time. Jeff Lemire’s Sweet Tooth has much the same premise as it and a very similar father/son dynamic. You should check it out if you’re not already reading it.

  8. @ThePunisherMax: I picked up the first three issues of Sweet Tooth. #1 floored me, but I got nothing from #s 2 and 3. Maybe I will check it out in trade when the put the first arc together. . .

    Yeah, The Road was crazy, I have a 5 year old son, and I really got lost in that book. I believe it was an exercise in masochism. I could not put it down, but I could not wait for it to end. The book was heavy enough- I refuse to see the movie, b/c it will surely give me evil nightmares of being cold and hungry and scared and hopeless and. . . . (whimper)

  9. I want more Carl!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. @ThePunisherMax- Sweet Tooth #4 was the first time I really got a vibe that said the comic was like The Road and it made me love it that much more. Funny part is the first time I ever heard about The Road was in a comic book store.

  11. I don’t like the creepy smile on that new guys face. I think Carl should shoot him.

    Hey, in all honesty who was genuinely surprised by the twist in last issue (the radio/Washington story all being bullshit)? I saw that coming the first issue that fat science guy appeared in, it stuck out like dogs balls.

    So, I’m curious if anyone actually didn’t see it coming?

  12. @wade I did, but there have been similar trends through the series.  The book has been a constant rollercoaster

  13. @wade Saw it coming, too. But thats no problem, because if you keep doing the unexpected, thats predictable too. Kirkman does a nice balance act on this. It wasn’t very likely that his story was true, but it still COULD have been.

  14. @wade i kinda believe the fat man, mostly because kirkman is usually unpredictable. Honestly, i thought they would have found at least something…

  15. Im gonna believe him right now because he seems so suspicious he must be good, but of course we will probably find out that he sleeps on a bed of zombies or something horrible.

  16. Yeah this whole new community thing isn’t gonna end good, I betcha. I’m guessing some kind of religious cult thing.

  17. My guess is that the community is fine, but Rick and the others are so messed up that they don’t fit into a regular society anymore.

  18. Pretty good issue, although I wish we would’ve got a bit more Carl. 4/5.

  19. Like you guys said: it would have been more of a surprise if the Washington thing WAS for real. But, yeah, Kirkman packs this comic full of surprises, so I shouldn’t be TOO harsh on this one being way obvious.

    I liked this issue. It was a nice mix of overly-dramatic monologues & zombie action. 

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