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  1. I dont think this is going to happen, if he told us what is happening the book would be over.  I think he is going to die!

  2. I think he was lying all along.

  3. Eugene looks like he would just smell like chettos.

  4. Quick carl shot him before he says anything

  5. Hmm…I wonder if I should read this so then I have this monkey off my back.

  6. Eugene is really a tranny. sorry to break it to everyone.

  7. I think Eugene will start to explain it all and then get killed. If he explains what actually happened, I think it’ll take a lot away from the book.

  8. Kirkman has really done a great job with the whole "do you believe Eugene or not" thread.  I’d imagine the answer is gonna be cool and unexpected

  9. *cough* *cough* Horseshit *cough*!

  10. Am I the only one who wants to hear him out?

  11. Time to find out about the aliens I guess.

  12. If this isn’t shit and he’s gonna get some of this out in the open…..Why is that a problem?

    I know this is not the point of the series, but it shouldnt bother us because it isnt part of the series! Get it out of the way and let us never speak of it again. What’s the problem if we knew, whether all of it or the gist of it, on why zombies are killing everyone? It might feel a bit random, but I wouldnt care if Kirkman reveals some of the puzzle.

  13. @TNC Second that. I doubt that this will happen. I have the feeling that Eugnes either just has a theory, is bullshitting or something else. But IF he would spill the beans whats up wit the zombie infection, it would neither be the end of the book, nor will it completly change everything. It’s a book about survivors in a post-apocalyptic environment. And even after a reveal, this still stands.

  14. @TNC I just think that depending on how he explains the zombies, it could take away from the overall story. They have such a great mystery kind of feel surrounding what exactly is going on with them, and a bad explanation of it could kind of ruin the atmosphere of the book a little bit.

  15. @Bendrix: Exactly. If the story was ‘what caused this?’ then I can see why people would be upset with the answer. This is almost 100% like Y: The Last Man. People wanted to have some explanation on why all the men died in that universe, but that wasn’t the point of the series. At least in the case with this series; we’re at 67 issues with no end in sight, so knowning somewhat of an idea of the outbreak would work for me.

    @PunisherMAX: Well maybe if he does say it was ‘aliens’ of something to that effect; yeah it would be a bit annoying. But I’m sure Kirkman isn’t going to do something that stupid to the readers. He’s a crazy guy, but not that crazy……Okay he might be insane. lol

  16. I think the point of this may be that even if Eugene gives a theory or two, will anyone actually believe him?  Kirkman and Adlard make it a point to show the confused looks on characters’ faces after every off-the-wall thing Eugene sais – if I remember correctly, him instructing on how to clean a wound was a perfect example.

  17. It would be funny if we got a panel of Eugene explaining all of this and Rick going:

    "In a world full of zombies, that’s the craziest fucking thing I have ever heard."

    Then they just ignore him for the rest of the series. lol

  18.  Fucking called it!

  19. I’m not gonna review this or critique it harshly. Cause I didnt buy this but I did read just to get it off my mind.

    Disappointed about the Eugene thing. I had a feeling it wasn’t that big of a deal, but it just didn’t seem very fulfilling to know the truth. The beginning with Rick and his son was very moving though. That made the issue for me was that whole sequence.

  20. i think we all saw the Eugene thing

  21. silly eugene. now die.

  22. The whole Eugene thing was not unexpected but the conversation between Carl and Rick was great.

  23. "Gotchya!"


  24. *Spoilers*

    Whether you wanted Eugene to have some answers/facts or whether you thought he was BS is immaterial.  The bigger development is what the hell do they do now.  Risk death going to Washington in hopes of finding out something on their own?  Risk death to find food in a town?  Risk death trusting another new guy they’ve just run into?  That’s the point- once again the status quo is turned on it’s ear again.

    We have very compelling character moments here and another big change for the group that is not centered on a death, attack, discovery of a place to stay, or move to a new spot.  Very refreshing for me.  Not that those other developments lacked drama either but again in TWD you have to expect the unexpected.  Great issue.

  25. @JMS74- They’re going to find a habited town and live with them for a while. They’re going to be the crazy outsiders.

  26. This entire issue should have been about 8 pages.  Switched to buying this in trade and I haven’t regretted it since.  The Carl and Rick scene was the saving grace. 

  27. This was a pretty solid issue, if not a little predictable. The Carl/Rick stuff was really great, and although the Eugene thing was called by tons of people, it still puts us in a very interesting position as far as what the crew does now. 4/5.

  28. I agree. 4/5. Great start, loving the emotional impact of Carl’s emotional journey throughout the series. Kind of funny that Eugene’s just a science teacher- he’s now the Dr. Artz of TWD.

    Felt a little short, I’d liked to have seen more about how the group was faring weeks after the whole Hunters incedent.

  29. Another solid issue, great character drama and cliffhanger that doesn’t make me think bad shit is going to go down. Not much to say about this book, it’s so good month in and month out I don’t know what else to say, not without spoiling it anyway and I won’t break that unwritten law!

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