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  1. The solicitation is either a really good sign or a really bad one. Probably good. Its Kirkman, after all.

  2. This book has never failed me. Never.


  3. It failed me when Moore left 🙁 


    Not really, I love Adlard, I love Moore, I love this book

  4. Yessssssssssssssssssss

  5. Did #50 & 51 remind anyone else of Cormac McCarthy’s "THE ROAD", with the father/son stuff?

    This is always the comic I most look forward to each month.

  6. Kinda off topic but the Image website has the 4th hardcover coming out this week, a man can dream!

  7. Brains?

  8. Brains!

  9. Brains…Braiiiiiiiiiiiiiins!

  10. Lol. Return of the Living Dead is the first Zombie flick I ever saw. So I was surprised when Romero’s zombies didn’t want to eat only brains.

  11. BRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. When will Rick lose his other hand?

  13. @SuperMoore-Don’t know if this is a spoiler or not…but he never did

  14. @ButchCassidy I read The Road recently, reminded me a lot of The Walking Dead, awesome book.

  15. This is always at the top of my pull list!

  16. Finally read the 1st trade.  Before I read the rest I would like to start picking up issues.  Is #54 a good issue to jump on?  If not, how far back do I need to go?

  17. @WetWork-You could technically pick up the book starting at issue #50 or #51, but it is seriously worth it to read all the previous trades first.  It is just a great read and you really get a feel for just how different the book is after issue #49.  Plus if you start reading at #50 and then get the itch to read all the previous trades, it sort of gives away all the surprises and whatnot.

  18. My store didn’t get this in.  Mother fucker, I hate having to read another week. 

    @WetWork — Don’t start this in issues now.  You’ll be pissed at yourself you skipped over all those trades.  This book works best when you don’t know what is going to happen.  Stay with trades until you’re caught up.  You need to get to know the characters before you can feel any of the impact when charcters die or make hard choices.

  19. A great series, just recently started to read it in issues and I must say as much as I enjoyed the trades reading it in issues w/ the letters pages is even better.

  20. @Wetwork – seriously, more than almost any other book I’ve ever read TWD depends on character depth to strengthen the tension. The series is best read beginning to end. There really is no "Jumping on point". I mean, yes, you could easily pick up the story with any issue but you really wouldn’t get the full weight of what is going on without knowing what the characters have clung to and/or lost during the course of the series. Seriously!

  21. Understood.  Thanks to all for your feedback.

  22. I don’t trust that professor. the new guy with the handlebar stash went on about how smart he is, but anyone post 1992 with a hair cut that bad can’t be trusted!!!

  23. or very smart….

  24. @win I think in terms of smart people, you should be suspicious of the ones who are dressed and groomed well.

    All that stuff about that guy being smart just made me think that he was probably smart enough to come up with a clever way to con people out of fuel and food.

  25. @NealAppeal: I live by a code "Don’t ever trust anyone with a mullet, except Ziggy Stardust."

  26. I’m glad Kirkman included another dynamic character like Abraham into this story; he really kicked ass and seems to be providing some much missed assertiveness into the group now that Rick seems to be taking more of a back seat role. Keep him around for awhile!

  27. @ Win.

    Agreed. I imagine most brilliant scientists are pretty lacking in style. Although I have met a model-level hot geologist.

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