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JoeNY05/16/08YesRead Review
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  1. Jumping from trades on this issue.

  2. Good call man.

  3. my favorite comic !!

  4. Me too Brandon!

    I’ve read every issue … but I don’t own any single issues … and that’s just wrong!

  5. awesome, looks like I’ll jump on board here too.  the next trade is supposed to come out may 29, so I guess that’s not too bad of a wait.

  6. Yeah, I think yet another reason to jump to singles on this other than the serial nature of this series, is that you’re going to have a damn hard time not being spoiled. The delicate way this has been choreographed merits getting this book fresh.

  7. This is the best ongoing title out right now, i love not knowing whats coming next it so unpredictable. Early in the 20’s i tried to stay with the trades but i couldnt handle the anticipation. I’m also calling out Connor, Josh, and Ron to do a show or several on this book it needs some recognition. I know you guys only read it in trades and that why it doesnt get any love, but throw us WD fans a bone.  

  8. this is the comic I’ve been waiting for!

  9. its been a long time since I’ve anticipated a comic more than this issue. I also have to agree, Walking Dead, Invincible and Fear Agent are best read in the single issues

  10. Just finished 48 and holy shitballs I cant wait for 49.



  11. Just finished 48 and holy shitballs I cant wait for 49.



  12. I second the shitballs

  13. The other pro to issues is that you get the letters colum I enjoy so very much.

  14. oh the things that could be said…

  15. oh the things that could be said…

  16. Also I just wanted to add that I love this cover of a clear headed Carl leading a Zombie-like lost Rick. 

  17. I agree the covers for WD are awsome, the last arc had some great cover art. The one bad thing about getting this in trades is you dont get the covers. Now i get both the trades and issues (yes this book its that good) I have soft tpb, does anyone know if the HC have the cover art in them?


  18. hmmmmm, pretty interesting ending.  I just don’t know what to excpect from this book. I was however hoping for more zombies in this issue, but I assume I’ll gert them next month.

  19. WTF-is the ending for real?…is "he" really dead?! I can’t say it hasn’t been foreshadowed tho…

  20. oh man…poor Carl..

  21. I’m reading this in trades and I really hope the cover for this doesn’t mean what I think it means.

  22. ARG!  I am reading in trades too but I still want to pick up this issue.  The wait for the next trade is harsh.

  23. I had to get off trades and on issue with this. I actually think this reads BETTER in issues. You sometimes need the wait between issues to let some of these bugged out stories sink in.

  24. I have a feeling the next few issues will leave Rick incapacitated but not dead, and carol will have to support/ protect his old man until michonne catches up with them. next month cant get here soon enough…

  25. Kirkman is BRUTAL in the story telling in this series, and he is relentless. If it moves the story along, he will kill anyone without flinching, . Normally I would say that no way Rick is dead. With Kirkman, you just dont know. That is a VERY good thing.

    I still dont know who’s story the Walking Dead is. Is it Rick’s? Is it the son’s? I thought it was Rick’s for sure up until this issue.

  26. I think the "Everything Changes" means that we may be switching from Rick’s story to Carl’s with issue 50

  27. @JoeNY– I reread it last night and I think you’re guess might be just what happens.

  28. Avatar photo Cotton (@LogFlume) says:

    yeah, that this hasn’t been mentioned on the show in awhile is crazy to me, since this is easily what I look forward to the most every month since switching to issues.

  29. The only comic to make my jaw drop in shock with what happened to Lory. The best ever!!! I am now a official Adlard Zombie as I had him sketch me at a con in the UK which is very rare lol.


    Got to catch to fifty i did get the re print of issue one which was awesome!

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