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  1. So the mom and the baby?  or just the mom?

  2. Just the baby

  3. Is this really coming out this week? I didn’t see it on Diamond’s list. I truly hope so – the week’s kinda weak without it.

  4. I know we’re all in a mode to expect anything after last issue, but I don’t know that he’ll whack anyone, especially THEM, right away.  I could be wrong though, I’ve also learned to expect the unexpected in this book. 


    The best comic out.

  6. Due to past complaints, I’m interested to read the letters columns in the next few issues to see who gets upset about Tyrese losing his head.

  7. And what completely awful fate wil befall our heroes this issue? The mind boggles….


  8. No online previews for this issue = me thinks that bad stuff is going to happen to our heroes!

  9. Nevermind. I’m stupid – didn’t look on the Mature Readers list on Diamond. F them and their "protect the children for words like ‘Walking’ and ‘Dead’".

  10. Man, I love this book. Cannot whate to read this. Who will be the next one that suffers the same faith as Tyrese?

  11. This was the first this I read this week and I gotta say, WOW.  My other books just paled in comparison.  I could not believe this was 22 pages it was so fast paced.

  12. God, this book is just so f-ing good. This issue was great;action packed goodness. I forgot that it was even a zombie comic. You rarely see zombies in this issue and when you do it’s just as background. The character development in Carl alone is enough to keep me reading.  Can’t wait for the next issue.

  13. I read this book so fast.  I couldn’t wait to turn the page.

  14. This is always the first I read. 

    I’m gonna say both or neither are toast. Survival’s always possible. Doubt it though. Kirkman is an awesome heartless bastard. 

  15. I have nothing to add to everything that already has been said!! This issue was f*ing good!!!!

  16. Ditto what everyone else said. Now THAT was a cliffhanger. I was genuinely annoyed when the issue was over. Looking forward to next issue.

  17. Any guesses as to who was holding the rifle?  The Governor?  Is that too obvious?

  18. Maybe the Governor’s toady jumped the fence?

  19. I think that rick’s son carl is holding the gun.  And @ southbymidwest I got a kick out of the letters colum where Kirkman said Axel was one of his favorite characters, crazy heartless basterd.

  20. @torippu – No way its the Governor, it has to be someone from inside the prison, might be Carl, could be the doctor, but I’m not sure where that angle would pan out.  Who else from the group didn’t we see making an escape?

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