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It’s all been building to this! Black Razor Agent Fallon has finally tracked down Voodoo and has her cornered! Now it’s time for revenge. But Voodoo knows the truth of her own origins and will decide if she’s going to be a hero – or a villain.

Don’t miss the blockbuster battle between Voodoo…and Voodoo!

Written by Joshua Williamson
Lettered by Jared K Fletcher
Colored by Paulo Siqueira

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. Such a great comicbook month to month, enjoyable, eye pleasing, artwork! This should be good Voodoo vs Voodoo; So clone vs original?? You almost feel bad for the clone Voodoo now, at least I do; she really did not chose this life. I think we will have the hero Voodoo in some way shape or form after this issue and I do not think Agent Fallon is going to live through this, and if she does they will become a team.


  2. Been enjoying the ride, but also assuming this will end at issue 12. Art is fantastic, its too bad this book cant find its audience.

  3. There was one specific thing that happened in this book that made me cut a star of otherwise it would have been 5 stars.

    simply I don’t like the idea of the Blackhawk dude taking the place of Fallon who I’ve enjoyed reading about over these last 8 issues.

    • I agree completely. Not sure if it’s a you should never know what to expect thing or simply a we need to bring readers from a now dead title to a hurting one in hopes of generating a bigger audience. Readers from a dead title might pick up one that has a character from the one they just lost if we move them over. It wouldn’t surprise me, and from a marketing point, it makes sense.

  4. Agent Fallon no more??!! I agree with @DrewHLMW; this really was unnecessary to kill her off and especailly since those that have been here since issue #1 have probably gotten used to her game of chase with Voodoo. The Blackhawk guy could have also just been added as supporting character as well as keeping Fallon. Black Jack’s death seemed also unnecessary at first however; I get it; it shows the real drama and danger in this issue. I really liked him as well since he reminded me a little of the old Capt. Atom and Major Force put together. I am a big Capt, Atom fan and lets just say Black Jack was more like Cap. than that other thing over in the actual title Capt. Atom. Anyway; I still like this title very much, the action and the down right cool artwork have been entertaining me since day one. I rated this a 5 and I am going to say now the death of Fallon will probably keep this from getting POW from me and not to mention I still have a lot of books to read for this week; including The Flash, Aquaman, Teen Titans and a host of other potential POW candidates.

    Please a moment of silence for Agent Fallon…. ….thank you!


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