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Following the shocking events of last issue, Voodoo feels betrayed by her own people and wants to be left alone. Little does she know Agent Fallon and the Black Razors are looking for revenge – but first they need to break another Daemonite Hybrid out of jail to help them track her down.

The identity of that Daemonite Hybrid will leave you stunned!


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  1. I am loving this title and yes believe I used loving!! This will give TDK a run for it’s money again like every week for my POW love. If you are not reading this title or you have a dropped it, which I do not know how??!! It has been action packed, and the artwork has been very, very good. Can’t wait till Wednesday~!!


  2. Frankly, I was shocked how far this series fell in quality over the course of one issue. At the end of issue 4, Voodoo was an intriguing horror-tinged title with a mysterious title character with ambiguous motives. As of issue 5, though, it became Generic Alien Slugfest Book #436. Everything that Marz brought to the book was swept away. It’s a real shame too, since unlike books like Batman TDK and Suicide Squad, this was a new 52 book that got alot of derision that I feel wasn’t warranted. If you’re on the fence about dropping this book, I’d suggest doing it now.

    • It was definitely one of the most drastic turns in quality I can remember. I was on the fence about dropping it before #5. The mystery and ambiguity was a bit too heavy and I could’ve used more plot from the beginning. But with #5 they suddenly went way too far in the other direction and made it an easy decision to stop reading. The narration by Voodoo was the biggest mistake and took her from intriguing to boring.

      I don’t envy Williamson’s gig here. At least with something like Stormwatch Cornell got to tell a complete story with the first six issues and leave it at a point where the next writer(s) can do whatever they want without it seeming particularly out of place. In Voodoo’s case the switch came midstream. I know we should try to avoid seeing how the sausage is made too much but I’m curious what happen with this one. I hope the misplaced outrage over the first issue wasn’t a cause.

  3. I’m a fan of Marz’s Witchblade stuff and Shinku and I can dig his writing. But for me, Voodoo fell flat from day one, the agent character felt generic, Voodoo’s lack of characterization and everything just felt bland to me instead of mysterious or intriguing. And I didn’t like the new take either… so long story short not checking out this issue.

  4. I’m flip flopping with this book so damn much. I loved it till the Green Lantern issue and then it got better and then the new writer jumped on and I don’t know where the hell I stand with it. Doesn’t help that it comes out the same week as Flash, Aquaman and Firestorm which is three of my favorite books right now.

  5. Last issue was a serious dip in storytelling quality, for sure. (Well, maybe not a dip in quality as much as an abrupt switch of tone, and I was really digging the previous tone so this new one seems worse.) I’m not sure if I will stick with it. Since I’m getting it digitally, though, I can make that decision on the spur of the moment later… when I decided I’m missing Basri’s art.

  6. I agree with the other folks about last issue’s drop-off in quality. I’m giving it one more chance but if I don’t really like it, I’m out. There are too many other good books to read. I don’t know why they yanked Marz but I liked what he was doing.

  7. I gave this a 5 and was a tight race for the POW and I would say it was a tie with Aquaman. I guess it all depends on taste, I really think this is a very good title and probably in my top 10 on my pull list.


  8. This issue was better than Williamson’s first issue on board, but still not quite as good as Marz’s run. I’m staying on board, but I’m still upset in the change in writing.

  9. I actually thought this was the best issue yet. The art was really amazing, and for the first time, I feel like the title character is one that will take charge.

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