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Already on the run from shadowy government agents who want to dissect her, Voodoo now must face a new threat: Green Lantern Kyle Rayner!

Will even her shapeshifting powers be enough to keep a GL at bay?

Writer Ron Marz returns to his signature DCU character!

Written by RON MARZ

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  1. Sad to hear Ron Marz is being replaced… I have been loving this book so far.

    • who’s he being replaced with?

    • Joshua Williamson is replacing him. I loved the first issue and lost interest last issue. Ron Marz is a pro though, he does quality work.

    • Ugh! I wonder why. This series was off to a great start. It has captured my interest more than higher profile titles.

    • I hadn’t even noticed. I’m always skeptical when a writer gets replaced like that. Newsarama’s article makes it clear they wanted to go in a different direction. That’s not necessarily a bad thing as I’m still I’m the fence with Voodoo. It’s intriguing but hasn’t given me a strong hook yet two issues in. I just hope it’s not a response to the overblown outrage issue 1 caused.

      The biggest draw for me with Voodoo has been the art team so I’m glad they’re sticking around.

    • Hmm, news to me. When? I doubt I would stick around without Marz.. Basri has become one of my favorites but not sure he and the others can hold it up on their own.

  2. GL’s mask looks like a green Robin domino mask lol

  3. This is only going to last one arc for me. Not wowed.

  4. I love the cover art. Is John Tyler Christopher a cover artist only?

  5. So, between this dabbling crossover, the last page reveal, and the solicits Conor posted telling of Grifter and Stormwatch crossovers, are we looking at the beginning of an intergalactic alien war on Earth reminiscent of the Kree/Skrull for the New DCU? Anyone else getting that vibe or is there some history here I’m unaware of that makes all this pretty standard fare?

    • In the Wildstorm universe daemonites were one of the largest groups of villians. It seems they are just taking a very similar role in the new DCU.

  6. This was Ah-Mazing!

    I am a big big fan of the art and will buy a book drawn by Basri in the future just to check it out. Great story so far very much looking forward for the next issue.

  7. I thought it was a decent 3 stars. Voodoo is the kind of comic that has a mystery without a strong enough hook to keep me interested in finding out what it is. There’s just some vague idea of shape-shifting aliens and a generic invasion plot. The title character hasn’t been given enough room to develop yet. If I was reading this in a vacuum I would definitely stop reading after this issue.

    However, I’m also reading Stormwatch and Grifter and am intrigued by the ex-Wildstorm books all being loosely tied together. The Demonites have been well presented in Grifter so I thought it was cool when they showed up at the end of this issue.

    A new writer coming on might help too. Not sure if Voodoo is too much Marz, too much DC Editorial, or too much of both trying to take the book in different directions but something isn’t clicking here yet.

  8. What?!?! A new writer?!?! Seriously?!?!

    This was my surprise hit of the relaunch and that this week made it to my Pick of the Week.

    I had no interest in this book when announced but I loved the story and the art. It is the series I now find myself constantly asking, what could possibly be next and not having any idea and loving it.

    What a bummer. I love this book and going to continue to pick it up even with a writer change, but going to give it one issue with the new writer.

  9. A 5 this month and finished in the fourth spot this week; The artwork I agree is damn good and the plot gets closer to the big battle every week and with Kyle entering the picture this is really gonna get good! This feels like another constant enemy in the DCU for us to watch.


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