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SEASON 1 FINALE! Two brothers, one covered in the other’s blood. The extremely violent and harrowing ending to VIKING Season One.

art & painted

Price: $2.99
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  1. Oh how I’ve waited for the season finale! So good!

  2. So good. So damn good.

  3. Great book.  I’ll have to go back and re-read everything again.

  4. oh man, completely forgot about this one. cool.

  5. I agree a reread is definetly in order!

  6. Here’s hoping the Season finale is not the final finale. I know they say otherwise, but projects like this don’t always come back. Too bad they made a muddled mess of the story in the first issue, which was really hard to follow. Since then it has been firing on all cylinders and all kinds of awesome, but I think it hurts to stumble so badly out the gate.

  7. Yeah, the first issue was the last for me.  Too complicated to read through.

  8. Might try the trade though.

  9. Ended very well. 

    If you aren’t reading this try the trade. Other than the first 8 or so pages of the story, it’s been great. 

  10. This book is off my pull list but if I see the second season I will probably still pick up the first issue or two.

  11. Loved it. So beautiful. And you really get your money’s worth for $2.99, over-sized, thicker paper, no ads. Sweet on a sweet stick.

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