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Avg Rating: 3.5
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  1. Surprised this isn’t getting more pulls. 

    Come on people! It’s $3 for a oversized made for issues, gorgeous book! 

  2. My goodness! Look at that cover!!! Eyegasm!

  3. Really looking forward to this.  #1 was my POW when it came out. 

  4. I guess some people really didn’t enjoy the first issue.  Go figure.  

  5. @darkedangerz My only complaint was that it was difficult at times to distinguish between some characters due to the art.  I definitely like the idea though.

  6. i couldn’t even get though the first issue.  just not for me

  7. Rolf. Rolf. Rolf. Rolf.

    Since it’s oversized, I put it somewhere away from my other Image books.  Now I can’t find it.  All I remember is Rolf. Rolf. Rolf and the last page (I think).  I’m out.

  8. Agree that opening sequence of first issue was impossible to follow.  But beautifully illustrated, esp the part with the girl and the bear.  Northlanders is better written but the production values are so much better in this.

  9. The first issue was solid, nothing great. I look forward for this issue though, I just want to read more from this series before I give it full judgement.

  10. im hoping to pick this up, ive heard nothing but good things

  11. First issue was impossible to follow. I couldn’t even finish it.

  12. Hmmm, I liked the first issue. The scene was a tad choppy but I didn’t find it as bad as some people thought.

  13. @s1lentslayer: It’s actually pretty easy to follow. Try reading it again.

  14. Didn’t see this at my LCBS today.  Did it really come out?

  15. Yep, got my copy. Very pretty.

  16. That grampa’s a fucking thug!!

  17. Wow! This was intense!

  18. Issue #2 did NOT disappoint.  Grandpa is Bad-Ass!

  19. So did this issue have the same writing problems as the first issue or was this one cleanly written?

  20. This issue was very easy to follow. Pretty good story. The oversized cover is awesome.

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