Brian Azzarello teams with artist Joe Kubert for a World War II graphic novel that puts Sgt. Rock in the midst of a murder mystery behind enemy lines.

When four German prisoners are slaughtered, Rock must find the killer and keep the men of Easy Company alive.

Art and cover by JOE KUBERT

Price: $7.99
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  1. How can I not buy this book. Light week? Not anymore.

  2. I’ve ‘hemmed and hawed’ about getting this book over the past few months and now I have no excuse. Can’t wait!

  3. You guys know this was released in 04/05 right?

    • So? I missed it.

    • So? They may have thought it was an original printing coming out. May as well get the first print hardcover off of amazon for the same price. Or don’t. Thats up to you dre. Was trying to help. I know ive bought reprints before and found out i read it already or that i hadnt read it but that i would have rather just bought the first printing.

    • @iroberts007 – yep, I knew this was a reprint (or resurrection) of this title. I figured it was being released to coincide with Azzarello’s other book this week, Spaceman. Less books to compete this week perhaps?

    • I knew this was a reprint of Azz and Kubert’s OGN from a few years back….what I didn’t know was that it isn’t ONLY a reprint of their OGN from a few years back.

      This book is 64 pages by Azzarello and Kubert — only the first three chapters of Between Hell and Hard Place. Then there are 24 pages of Sgt Rock reprints (that are entirely uncredited). Part 2 comes out in December for another $8.

      I haven’t read the whole thing yet, so I’m not flat out complaining (I may totally love every page of those old reprints and I should have looked at it more closely before buying it), but I bought this under the impression that this was a single, floppy edition of Azzarello and Kubert’s story.

      And it isn’t. :-/

  4. This and Spaceman are the only two books I’m buying this week. Azzarello’s getting all my money.

  5. Mr Neseman made me aware of the reprint thing. Still got it as my LCS gives a nice discount and I wasn’t dissapointed. A great story with some nice older reprints in the back too. I’m new to SGT Rock so this suited me down to the ground.

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