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The House of Ideas asks and answers: What if the Venom Symbiote possessed Deadpool?!

Story by Rick Remender
Art by Shawn Moll
Cover by Skottie Young

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.2
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  1. Remender writing this has me wondering if it will have some kind of tie-in to the new Venom series.

  2. i reackon it took Scottie Young all of 35 minutes to draw that cover

  3. Buying this for the cover and hoping the story is just as good.

  4. Is this the same as the backup from last months line of what if’s?

  5. @SplifEOC  Yes.

  6. you like that cover? i can get you a knock off. give me 36 minutes

  7. @edward  Just because its simple doesn’t mean its bad quality. Personally I think the cover looks sick, and I think it’ll be a cool book.

  8. yeah, you’re right. i’m a big fan of stylized art compaired to super realistic. it’s fast communication of the visual shorthand of cartooning that’s one of the great things about comics

    However, i think skottie young could phone something like that in in his sleep – because he is that good

    so, it’s all good brother

  9. I’m a Deadpool fan: NOBODY asked this question!

  10. I’ll give this a flip through in the store. If the interior art doesn’t live up to the cover, this is staying on the shelf.

  11. why venom? I think it would have been fun to watch deadpool’s mind drive the CARNAGE symbiote insane. They just seem more suited to eachother. Maybe its just me..

  12. @oopsxlandmine – Because Venom was in a movie and has a high-profile book coming out. Carnage has a book, but nobody seems to care.

  13. thought about it, but the art wasn’t good enough to justify the purchase. 

  14. @VichusSmith  thats why the solicitation says the house of ideas asked it. screw the fans, marvel wants to know about this madness

  15. Has VenomPool jsut eaten Earthworm Jim?

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