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Flash has lost control of the symbiote! Jack-O’-Lantern and his enigmatic boss are poised to flood the black market with weaponized Antarctic Vibranium! With his military handler’s finger on the self-destruct button, can Flash overcome his temper to regain control over Venom and save the world from descending into chaos before he’s blown to pieces?

Story by Rick Remender
Art by Tom Fowler
Colors by John Rauch
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Mike Deodato, Rain Beredo & Patrick Zircher

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 1.3%


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Peteparker05/26/11NoRead Review
Avg Rating: 4.0
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  1. Not really interested in what Remender and Moore are doing, but Fowler still tempts me to jump back on. That guy is amazing.

  2. Interesting how Remender has managed to establish Jack-O’-Lantern as a formidable villain in this.

  3. I’m not connecting to this book as much as I want to, and I think it’s because there hasn’t really been a set up, it just kind of hot the ground running and because of that I feel like I’m at an arms length from it.

  4. @Franktiger I thought it was a played by number psycho-villain.

  5. love that little smirk on the cover

  6. Can we just keep Deodato away from everything I read?

  7. Last issue was a close pick of the week for me, really like this series. I really hope this goes somewhere past the Spidey event.

  8. Think this new incarnation of Venom is cool beans, glad it’s Remender doin it, just wish Moore was staying on.

  9. last issue was disappointing for me. I might give this another shot though

  10. I’m really sad that Tony Moore isn’t doing this issue, clinically depressed maybe a little bit. What is the deal? Rotating artists? Please someone tell me he is coming back soon…

  11. Thought first issue was average. Liked the second issue quite a bit. This issue decides whether I continue.

  12. @funcrusher – Moore and Fowler will be rotating on this one. Fowler is a masterlevel illustrator though, so honestly, this book probably has the best art of anything Marvel’s putting together.

  13. @OttoBott  – Thank you kindly. I’m looking foward to witnessing his skills. 


  14. no moore…:(  remender will hopefully make it worth it

  15. I think that cover looks terrible.

  16. Awww, No Tony Moore….

  17. Moore will be back soon but as said above and by others, Fowler is not a bad replacement

  18. This book has gotten better with each issue, and Fowler was solid here. Consider me a Venom fan now.

  19. i liked this better than last issue. 

    one thing….so is the Savage Land close to NYC? cause fully loaded helicopters don’t have a very long range… 

  20. Anyone else notice that the art in all three issues has looked blury? It’s been driving me nuts.

  21. I think the cover looks great. Remender’s writing is solid. Tom Fowler is a perfect choice for alternative artist. I also think that far too many people pre-judge a book before it’s even hit the stands. This is a great comic, well worth the investment in reading time and cover price.

  22. @OttoBott  You were right!

    @IdleIvey  I seriously love it. And I hope you eventually warm up to it.

    I could not have been any happier with this issue. Moore/Fowler could be the best rotating artist tandem of all-time.

  23. @Funcrusher  I like the book and the art but it looks like a production issue to me. If someone is doing it on purpose they need stop 🙁

  24. not so much blurry as in incredibly busy panels that sometimes are very difficult for the eye to separate whats happening. 

  25. I think they lost me. Once you get past the Flash-symbiote mechanic, the whole thing seems pretty by-the-numbers. At the end of this issue, I just found myself not really caring about the outcome of the cliffhanger they left us with.

  26. I feel like there are no stakes in this book because I don’t really feel like I know any of the characters.

  27. @mikeandzod21  It’s probably a lot different for someone like me who has been reading spider-man since i was old enough to read anything. I grew up with Flash and Betty so the stakes are pretty solid for me

  28. @IdleIvey  I just read issue 1, which seemed blurry. I got the second printing variant so I assumed it had something to do with that. 

  29. In the end I have to come to feel this is just a Spidey spin-off. With two ASM a month, I just don’t need another, even if cleverly written by Remender. I just can’t get into a Venom solo book.

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