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America…meet your newest Hero!

The lethal alien symbiote known as Venom is in the custody of the U.S. military…and with a familiar face from Spider-Man’s world inside the suit, the government’s own personal Spidey is going into action as one of the nation’s top covert agents in hostile territory!

STORY BY Rick Remender
ART BY Tony Moore, Danny Miki, Crimelab Studios, Sandu Florea & Karl Kesel
COLORS BY John Rauch
LETTERS BY Joe Caramagna
COVER BY Joe Quesada, Danny Miki, Paulo Siqueira & Morry Hollowell

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 4.3%


Peteparker04/04/11YesRead Review
philip03/15/11NoRead Review
wallythegreenmonster03/10/11YesRead Review
Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. Everything Remender has said about thsi over the last few months has just made me more and more excited

  2. Remender and Moore. I need say no more

  3. I like Remender.  I like Moore.  I really kinda hate Venom, though.

    Still torn on this, but I didn’t pull it. 

  4. I liked the point one issue, but I wasn’t as turned on by the free preview of this issue.  It seemed very different in tone.  I am not all that familiar with Remender and Moore, so maybe they can win me over by the end of the issue.

  5. Has anyone looked at the preview art for this? It might be the inks (Moore usually does his own inks, right?), but it looks like he’s channeling McFarlene for this book.

  6. I think I would pull this if it weren’t $4. It’s not a principle thing, I’m just low on the cash.

  7. after reading the preview I am so fucking stoked for this! also the talksplode with rick made me want to get this but I also bought all of OMTL loved it

  8. @CaseyJustice it’s just the first issue that’s $3.99, the rest are $2.99, if that affects your situation or anything.

  9. Worth a peek.

  10. i liked the .1…i hope this is good. 

    @CaseyJustice –so $1 will break the budger that much? maybe you shouldn’t be buying comics right now. =)

  11. So glad to see this is getting so many pulls. I love Venom.

  12. Moore does frightened faces so well, he’s a perfect fit for this book.

  13. I like Remender a lot, but Moore is totally what will make me throw down money for a concept that I am almost completely uninterested in. I’m on the fence, but I predict a flip through will mean it will makes its way into my purchase pile.

  14. Remender and Moore are the only reason my eyes aren’t rolling at the thought of a new Venom series.

  15. Definitely giving this a shot. I can’t pass up a book drawn by Tony Moore.

  16. i HATE this cover… but the writer, artist, and concept are top notch. Stealth Venom looks sweet, but again, i can’t stand the regular venom look anymore. So tired of the venom that gains the girth of 20 men from panel to panel.

  17. Is this a limited series?

    Every time I try a Remender book, it starts out awesome and then the wheels come off around the third story arc. 

  18. Venom has always had terrible posture

  19. @JesseG

    Try his Punisher. Best third arc ever. 

  20. I subscribed to this site unseen, so I’m in for the 12 issue haul.

  21. Can’t wait, .1 was a great lead in

  22. @KickAss  is it 12 issues?

  23. Venom let himself go, he looks fat.

  24. r3v pretty much summed up my feelings on this.

  25. @r3v – Exactly.

  26. how is this already 14% POW? noobs lol.

  27. @wallythegreenmonster – Would that I could! But I think my body would go into withdrawl if I went cold turkey. As it is I’m limiting myself to 5 books a week, and doing so has suddenly made me more aware of the prices when I choose what to buy. I’m still buying 3.99 books, but on a book like this with a concept I’m only kinda interested in, with a writer who’s never wowed me, the price tag is a dealbreaker.

    I really don’t wanna be that guy who cries outrage at the price of books, but it is a factor. If it’s great I’ll buy the trade, and with Marvel you know the trade is actually gonna come out.

  28. @CaseyJustice  –yeah dude i was totally kidding. But i understand 1000% I have the same attitude as you do. Almost every book that i pull is an audible once i get to the shop and has to pass the “flip through” test its not that i’m cheap, i just hate wasting money. 

  29. Pretty good, wasn’t Moore’s best work, but the inking coulda been better I thunk.

    Interesting the UN using Stark Tech armor, but I’m sure that was no surprise to anyone. Didn’t know pumpkin head could be sucha badass either.

  30. @Franktiger  Yeah Jack O’Lantern is a real piece of work when used properly

  31. This was pretty good.  Not quite as solid as his X-Force, but still a consummate visceral thrill ride.  Moore wasn’t quite at his best, but it was still excellent.  Eagerly anticipating issue #2.

  32. Did anyone else feel this book was poorly printed? Moore’s art was solid, but the resolution on some of the panels seemed pretty fuzzy.

  33. @jrodine  –YES. i wondered if this was the book that suffered the stolen art and maybe used those desktop scans to replace it? Some of the panels were very low res/soft focus. It was kinda weird. I hope the colorist wasn’t doing some effect. 

  34. @wally – this is the book with the stolen pages. No telling if that was the problem though (I don’t understand why stolen pages would effect specific panels).

  35. @OttoBott  –yeah i guess it depends on the scans, or if they made corrections to certain panels on lower end consumer equipment. I dunno either..just looked weird at times. 

  36. Wasn’t Jack O Lantern dead?

  37. I love you, Tony Moore, but this book looked like crap.  I don’t know if he tried to do final finishes after some of the pages were stolen, or if somebody else got their mitts on them (the credits are not very clear). Either way, somebody at the end of the pre-press process should have hit the brakes.

    Two things I am certain of: 1) the problem is not with Tony’s pencil work and 2) the default Marvel puke-dark color pallette ruined these pages.

    Shame on Marvel for letting this go to press when the price was set at $4.

  38. I haven’t seen a copy yet, did the pages really look that bad? 

  39. The pages were just really dark…I am all for lighting a scene but it was way too dark all the way through. It was still easy to follow but I know there is a lot of lost lifework. After I read a book (and sometimes during) I will study panels just to appreciate the art. Unfortunately the coloring makes it hard to enjoy. There are so many factors from the colorist, to the press itself, it is hard to say where the blame lies exactly. Prepress could stop it but that means color correcting a lot of pages and maybe missing press time. Who knows but disappointing on the coloring side.

  40. @davidpentecost After looking at my copy of VENOM again, I think part of the problem may be that the linear did not print very crisp and clean. The color palettes were not bad, it just printed too dark and seemed a bit blurry.

    Regardless, I thoroughly enjoyed this enjoy and think the writing and line art were great. I am on board and very excited about this series.

    Hope they fix the production issues.

  41. @Remender  –i don’t think the issue looked as disastrous as some are making out. Yes some panels were soft, mostly towards the back of the book. It was prob a out of registration press or something, although the type laid on top of the soft images was still sharp. It was soft but not to the point of making the images unreadable. 

    I don’t know about the darkness thing. Looked ok to me, but then again i don’t know what the colorist intended. It didn’t look like it was overprinted or anything 

    At any rate i still enjoyed it a lot…looking forward to next issue. 

  42. This was really a fun read for me,,,lots of action and its fun watching someone trying to control the symbiote. 4/5

  43. Gave it a shot. Was pretty boring (IMO). Won’t be picking up issue #2.

  44. I liked it. Awesome action pieces. I didn’t think it was as disatrous as everyone is making it out either. I didn’t think the coloring was that dark either? I don’t know.

    Awesome issue. 

  45. I rathern enjoyed this and don’t at all get the complaining about the dark artwork, it looked fine to me and didn’t really seem overly dark so I’m not sure what’s going on there, but yeah, this has a chance to be pretty good I think.

  46. I need to go get a copy. Possible some copies printed darker than others. Glad most of you enjoyed the first issue. 

  47. @WadeWilson  i thought exactly the same thing

  48. I thought the story and art was 5/5.  5% darker than I would like, but didn’t detract from either.  Not an issue.

  49. I guess I’ll take another look, but I didn’t have any problems. I enjoyed it, definitely getting the next issue.

  50. What happened to the female officer that was Flash’s handler in the backup and in the .1 issue?  It seemed like the general (or whatever) was given what could have been her lines.  Or did I just miss her?

    In any case, I’ve really been enjoying the Flash/Venom stories, including this #1.  Definetly picking up #2.

  51. I actually picked this issue up over the weekend and had time to sit down and read it. I really must say I am not sure what to think! The art was good the story just was not intresting enough and well Venom does not seem very.. well….Venom-e.

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