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  1. Five pulls, where’s the love?

  2. We seem to top out around 15 pulls for Usagi here. We’re a small but devoted group. At least Josh reads it.

  3. its honestly the only book i read thats been consistently good through out the years I’ve been reading it

  4. I’m trying to make room in my budget to start picking this up.

  5. Hey,  did this actually come out? My shop didn’t have it and they didn’t even seem to think it was being released this week.

  6. @AlexG- It may have not come out.  My shop usually carries it but I did’nt see it on the shelf.  My shop sometimes gets books a week later, for instance I got Invincible #53 the week after it came out. 

  7. My shop didn’t get it either…

  8. It came out, got my copy. you guys should start asking your shops to reserve a copy for you its too good a comic to be missed.

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